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self tanning for 13 year old?

So im 13, and i have very very pale skin and some freckles. (i am a girl) and i really want to get a nice tan because right now i am very chalky pasty white. What would be the best self tanner for a 13 year old? i don't want a light tan, i want a medium one so if you could help that would be great. thanks for your help! :)

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    There were totally 15 moles / black spots on my face and body before, I tried this mole remover and most of my moles were gone right now. But please pay attention, don’t over use in order to avoid getting scar. Hope it works for you too.

    For more information, please see the following using methods, it is very useful for unwanted moles, beauty marks, black spots.


    10 ML Skin Care non-Laser Removal


    (1) Clean the nevus and the area around it, use a toothpick (do not use a cotton stick to tip or wipe) to mix the liquid and sediment, and then tip a little amount of the mole remover and apply it onto the middle of the nevus. The area would turn to white colour after 1 minute. Use alcohol or water to clean the mole area after 10 minutes (If you tip the amount of mole remover properly, you don't have to clean). The mole would peel off (May help with finger) in 8 to 20 days. Repeat the process again until the mole peeling off if the colour of the nevus is dark. (it is suggested applying the liquid to nevus on hands or legs first to see the results and learn to control the usage before applying the liquid to other areas of the body, DON'T TRY on FACE for the first time!)

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