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open immigration in spain?

before few days ago , i came to hear about the open immigration in spain. but i am not sure about it .. could anyone tell me something about it? it would be very helpful for me. what about for the non-EU student.. is it applicable for student as well?..

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    Your question makes no sense. If you are asking how you can come to Spain as a Foreign student and what visa you would need you can read this - If you are not a student and want to know how to become resident in Spain you should read this -

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    There is no open immigration here in Spain. We do have students coming here to study from around the world, but you would need to apply through the various channels to become a student.

    If you ask this question on the Spain travel site, I do know a few ex foreign students who go on that forum. If you are lucky that one is on there, you should get a better reply than this.

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    there is NO such thing as open immigration

    if you mean EU people being allowed to live and work in spain - yes they are allowed to because they are citizens of other EU countries

    if your country is NOT in the EU then you still need a visa to study or work in spain

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