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How often should i feed my 16 week old cat? Dry food or wet food?

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    You'll find lots of conflicting information so you'll have to decide. Some people say wet food rots their teeth and others say dry food contains too many carbs and not enough proteins. Whatever you do, pick a good quality food. Make sure there's no corn, wheat, or by-products in the ingredients list. Then you can look at the guaranteed analysis portion of the food and make sure protein is in the upper 30s or low 40s for the dry food, basically the higher the better. I personally feed a mix of wet and dry. And since he's 16 weeks old, if you feed dry food he sound be on either an "all life stages" formula (like Felidae or Taste of the Wild or Blue Wilderness) or for foods that split out the life stages he should be on the kitten formula until he's about a year old.

    Oh, and how often is the easy part. Feed two or three times a day. You can do that for all of his life, it's a great habit to get into.

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