How can I attract 56 years old guy and i am 26 years old? pls help?

There is guy in another dept i saw once and i had strong attraction towards him. He doesnt know me even tho he saw me. I am 25 yrs old trainee and he is 56 yrs old..

Yesterday--- I had some papers which he cannot help but for the heck of it i went to his office and said i need to meet you. He looked at me annoyed as he was busy and said come after 30 minutes.

I went back after 30 minutes and he looked at me and said again oh pls come again after 30 min because i am busy. I got annoyed and said okay. I went after 30 min and he told me to sit down.

I gave him the paper and asked if he could help with his products. He said no i cannot because i deal with so and so and he looked annoyed. I then said okay can u pls tell me what you deal with exactly because i am trainee. He said ok. i will send u thru email.

I was like ok how long u r here? he said few years. He asked me for my age? I was like i am 25. He asked me if i have social friends outside work and what dress do i usually wear? I was like it depends. He went on to ask do u often meet your friends etc? i asked him if he lives with his family( considering he is married bcoz there is ring ).

He said no i live alone. He asked me the places i like to go?I tried my best to keep the conversation going so i asked him so many questions about his work and his career experiance(which honestly means nothing but i just wanted to talk more). I then told him i resigned and i will leave the company. He asked which place i was going? i told him i am going to do my master in another city. He said ok i usually come to that city so can i meet you? i was like of course. He said leave your phone number of that other city before u leave.

We talked about religion,politics, financial crisis etc.. and i asked him do u have phone number? he gave me his business card and said my mobile is there. He then asked me to give my mobile number to him which i did. Believe it or not we were talking for one hour and 30 minutes and time passed so quick. After i left i sent him text saying nice to meet you. Which he replied thank you rachel.

Today: I sent him email in the company email saying "morning how are you? there is good restaurant i eat my lunch usually, below is the no. if you are interested".

He replied back after one hour saying "thank you rachel, I will try.

Thats all.

Now my question, do you think he is interested? and how can i continue from here? pls help

p.s. I have resigned from the company so i have few days left

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    1 decade ago
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    30 years is too much of an age gap. He's looking at retirement in 9 years or so. You'll be in your mid-30s!! Go meet guys no more than 10-14 years older.

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