Ubuntu 10.04/Linux Driver Compatibility?

Okay, so first of all, I purchased Ubuntu 10.04, (Now I'm dualbooting, With Windows 7) and what I'm looking for is the feature "WaveOut" or "Listen to what you hear" or whatever it's called, My Audio Card does support it, but the problem is I can't install/update my audio card, because HP dosen't support Linux/Ubuntu. and I can't install it with WINE.

So, the question(s) I'm asking here is.. Is there a 3rd party software I can use to gain the "WaveOut" feature, (If so, where?) or is there a way/feature in Linux/Ubuntu 10.04 that gives you a "WaveOut" type feature, or is there a way of installing my audio driver onto this operating system?

1 Answer

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