Are we gay or just best friends? confused?

I'm a girl and I've been friends with this girl for a couple of years now. We met in high school and now go to the same college. We're the best of friends. We do everything together, hang out, study, shop, go to dinner, movies, feed each other, wrestle, etc. As college roommates we would sleep together even though we had separate rooms. We're always together and when we're not, we're texting each other constantly. We talk to each other about everything, problems, joys, life, boys, etc. I love guys and she does too, but lately I find myself jealous if she's with a guy or talks about one too much. When we're apart I think about her. And we have the worst fights. Our friendship is like a roller coaster, when we're good, it;s awesome, but when it's bad, it's terrible. We'll stop talking for days and sometimes weeks, and this past spring stopped talking for two months and on separate occasions considered ending our friendship. when we stopped talking for the months i cried at the thought of us not being friends anymore and it bothered me a lot, i've lost friends before and didn't care, but with her it made me upset. and after all the fighting we do we always end up friends again like the fights never happened. people, our families feel like we've slept together because of how intense our fights can be, her brother even said to us y'all have slept together and now don't know where to draw the line between lovers and friends and that's not true. i will admit when we drink we can become a little touchy feely, like just coping a feel on each other's butt or something, but never any more than that.

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