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Girls only can u help me out?

I made the dum decision to shave my face (i have blonde hair) and now its come back black and thick,

i was going to go wax it, but last time i went the beautician she noticed it and said i shaved and said it to my mum (she was rlly angry). Im not meant TO shave! My mum wont let me(i hide the razor) so im afraid if i go back my mum will find out and get really angry at me. I was going to buy some home waxing strips but i dont know if it safe. HELP! I Dont want to get found out and i cant go on a bus to the beautician by myself cuz im 13. help! Im also starting to run out of pocket money to buy the razors and shaving cream.

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    ummmmm .....

    this is a tough one

    u shud just look online and find the best waxing strips for your face

    and then save up enough money

    and buy it

    and bleach it blonde when your new hair cums out black

    thats all i can help u with sorry :(

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