4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. and bleeding help please?

i'm 4w5d pregnant today.

i did a hpt 4 days back and it was a definite bfp.

past 4 days i had different discharges .most of the times watery &white and sometimes brownish discharge .

yesterday and today i had 2 spots of blood in eve time.

also i have severe cold.

i don know wat to do.

i had a miscarriage in march at 5 and half weeks.

i need all ur help pl

thanks 4 those who reply


also some times i have sharp pains

i need somebody ans pl

Update 2:

thk u nkem. i ll go for a check up tomo.

i was worried tat nobody replied.

thk u and happy pregnancy to u

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    No one here will know the answer. Some might say you are miscarrying and some will say it's normal. I had some brownish discharge at 8 and 9 weeks and both times went to the hospital for a scan to make sure everything is ok. You shouldn't ignore any bleeding and better get yourself down to hospital as soon as possible.

    The nurse at the hospital told me that miscarriage bleed is normally heavier than a normal period. Sharp pains are quite normal in early pregnancy. Please go and check yourself at the hospital and keep us updated! xx

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