Why did God torture Job just to prove a point?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Because he's an ***. I' mean, seriously... it totally contradicts the idea that God is supposedly omnipotent and loving. But then, most of the Bible's content is just contradictions...

    And what does that say about God? The Devil basically dares him with the equivalent of "You won't..." and God buys into it and reigns horrific torment upon an innocent mortal man, harming even more innocents in the process... screw you, Christianity...

  • 1 decade ago

    Tests, trials, adversities are common to everyone.

    If you read the story clearly, God did not torture Job. But the purpose of satan's challenge to God concerning Job was if he would curse God when things were not going well for him.

    Job had a wife that encouraged him to curse God, he had some 'friends' come visit him at the worst time of his life and proceed to tell him that it's because he committed some terrible sin that God brought on all that happened.

    Through it all Job still trusted in God. He took correction from God that he needed, and prayed for those 'friends' who spoke wrongly about God. And God began to pour the blessings back into Job's life.

    The devil lost that wager with God big time.

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