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Working out everyday day, Good or bad explain?

So its working out everyday WITH the same routine good or bad? Explain please.

Thank you

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    Nope not good. You need to rest your muscles at least 24 to 48 hours after a good work out, if you don't you will hurt yourself or over work the muscle and create soreness. Alternate your routine so you won't get bored, maybe upper body Monday, core on Wednesday and Friday your legs and upper body again, mix it up. If you have the need to work out daily set your schedule for 5 times a week and rest 2 days and remember to drink plenty of water to help your muscles and from dehydrating.

    Good Luck

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    you need to give you body a day to relax and regain strength, so dont work out EVERYDAY..and doing the same routine daily isnt as effective as switching it up.

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