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Why am i peeing through my vagina and not my urethra? Please help i dont know what to do!?

For around a month now ive been peeing through my vagina. I am sure as when i have a tampon in i cant pee and when i covered the tiny hole to the urethra i still was. Im really freaked out by this as im only 14! Also for about a month after my period it just kept going and was spotting like a tiny bit each day and now im on my period again. What could be causing this? And i think this was because im almost certain that i have some kind of lump inside my vagina right at the top - i thought it could be a fibroid but im too embarrassed to tell anyone. How has this happened? What do i need to do? Why has it happened? And is this too serious to not see a doctor about, its just ive looked it up and other than having fistula (which i dont really know about) its impossible to happen. Please help im very concerned. Thanks.

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    Peeing out of your vagina? Are you SURE that's not just really heavy discharge? Because that's just...strange.

    But anyways, I think you really should go to the doctor, especially if you've felt a lump in your vagina, and if you're peeing out of it, as you say. I know it's embarrassing to talk about, but if you don't get help, something seriously wrong can be happening, and you would want to get that checked out right away.

    And fibroids can just show up at random, I think. There's not really anything you did to make that happen. But just go to the doctor and get checked out.

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    It does sound as if you may have a urethral fistula. A fistula is a "tube" which connects parts of the body which should not be connected. So it could be that your urethra drains into your vagina rather than out of the urethral opening as normal. Or [possibly it can drain through both. The lump that you can feel inside your vagina may be related to the fistula, though to be honest, vaginas are quite lumpy things anyways. I am not sure exactly where you mean. But if it is deep within your vagina, you are probably just feeling your cervix - it is about the size and shape of the top of a pear complete with a dimple (but no twig! he he).

    It may just be a congenital defect (ie you were born with it). Don't worry, it's nothing too serious but I would certainly go and have it checked out by a doctor. I know it seems quite embarrassing at your age, but believe me, doctors see so many every day it becomes just like any other body part. So no need to worry about seeing the doc.

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    Geani calm down and rest assured you are normal and grown pretty :-) I guess Tamara and Stephanie had lead to the right guessing of what you are experiencing; the tampon is pressing throught its room in your vagina on the neighbour tube leading to your urethra opening that seems to prevent urin from completing its path to the exit. mentioning that you have been covering the tiny hole to the urethra; I also guess you are not sure you went to the right spot there. Female body is complicated in this part and there are specialists ( Gyn ) make studies for years to practice such things. So; urinating wise; I am sure you are just normal. Spotting pre and post period is also normal and inconsistant; sometimes it just happens and sometimes it doesn't. The lump there in the top of your vulva is your clit. This is part of your vagina. Actually very important part and it is there because it is the gift for grown ladies only and you are now a one. It was always there but it is become recognisable in puberty and afterwards. This come in different shapes and sizes so do not try to compare to other pears.

    What you need to do ? first calm down, don't be embarrased but rather celebrate your adulthood :-)

    I would suggest you visit a doc. She might examine you but be assured wh will never use a spatula on you. My suggestion is not because I think you need treatment ( there is nothing to be treated for ). my suggestion is for you to get more knowldge from specialist who would also suggest for you proper tampon as it seems you are smaller down there for what you are currently applying.

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    It IS possible. You could have a fistula between your urethra and vagina. They are not common though, so it is unlikely. However, you should go to the doctor and have it checked out. But all of you people answering who say it is impossible don t know medicine. Unless you know what you are talking about, don t give this young girl bad advice. And yes, fibroids are in the uterus NOT the vagina, which proves my point.

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    Its impossible to pee through your ********.

    The tampon could be puttting pressure on your urethra not allowing you to pee when the tampon is in. If its really concerning, go to your doctor. Especially if you feel a bump.

    You could have a UTI. Sometimes, there can be blood in your urine if you have one. Go see your doctor to get tested for a UTI. Just tell a parent I'm having some discomfort using the bathroom, can you take me to the doctor so I can get tested for a UTI? If you don't want to tell your mom face to face, write a note to her, putting it somewhere where only she can find it. Like in her purse. Or, write it down, give her the note and then run to your room. Then come out five minutes later and ask her what she thinks.

    Good Luck, I hope nothing too serious is wrong.

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    ok, this really isn't possible. I'm sorry, but your urethra and your vagina are not actually connected. In order for this to happen the wall of your vagina, and the muscles seperating it from your urethra would have to rupture, as well as the tube itself. Then the hole would have to scar and grow over in a way that could seal off the urethra. Leaving an altered pathway for the urine to flow. The only thing that could realistically do this would be someone using about a 3 inch needle rammed through the wall of your vagina. Not only would this be extremely painful but there is no way it could happen without your knowledge.

    Now for your real problem. You most likely have a Urinary Tract Infection. When the tampon is in given the small size of your body and it's relative location it is putting pressure on the tract blocking it. Take an ant-inflammatory and contact your doctor to see if you have an infection.

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    Urethra Pee

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    I dont know if thats possable / have you put a mirror down there? you should see a doctor............i would say put your finger inside you about a inch and see if you feel a bump ...try to pee at the same time and look with a mirror to see if it comes out your urethra..good luck girl ! i think you just need to look closer

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    Seriously I would head straight to the E.R. Before it causes any more permanent damage? You can't afford to be embarrassed about this! The bump wouldn't be a fibroid because those are inside your uterus not your vagina. Ok Os I just went and looked up fistula involving female genital tract and it is a possibility, but get to E.R. now! This could cause a deadly infection or more minor infertility.

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    Kay...CAN'T pee through your vag, the tubes just aren't connected that way. The tampon could just be providing pressure on your urethra. i guarantee you're just a little mixed up about where your parts are...i mean i'm sure you know where everything is, but not all of us have removed ribs so our faces can look down there to see whats really going on.

    I have a lump too and i had this HUGE fear of doctors but my best friend convinced me to go anyway, and they took a look. i was really scared but it was fine because of how normal it is to them...its just another part of the body and they see more than their share every day.

    I'm convinced you're fine, but if you're concerned go to the doctors. if you don't want your parents to know, make an appointment at planned parenthood, where you don't need your parents, and talk to them about it, they can seriously help you.

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