what do you as a tour guide do to ensure that tourists have the best experience ever?

university work, its an assignment

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    good tour guides know the best places in a city and the historical background. they also need to be friendly and willing to help.

    you have to know the places especially the tourist spots and to give a trivia about that place, and be friendly, patient and funny.

    Should understand the tourist's feelings, Give them a maximum output and always have an alternative.

    Should have a winning combination of humour, energy and a profound love of his country.

    First of all, they are responsible for your health and safety and are expertly trained for this. Furthermore, he or she needs to be:

    • Knowledgeable about Israel's history, geography and life today

    • A great communicator

    • A great story teller

    • A good listener

    • Fluent in English

    • Flexible and open to the family or group interest

    • Mindful and caring of his visitor’s needs and questions.

    • Organized and savvy in relationships with other service providers such as hotels, drivers, restaurants etc.

    Guides need to be flexible with their plans and tailor the trip around what the customers want to do. A discussion about the goals of the trip often helps so that each party knows what the other wants to do.

    A qualified tour guide has an itinerary in mind and they take a group of tourists around a destination or on a tour. They will give historical information about the area they are showing the group of tourists. He or she will probably be able to answer any questions that the tourists ask. It would be appropriate for the tour guide to be very helpful to seniors. They might know some lovely view stops great for photography.

    And excellent knowledge of plants and animals.

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    To make them want to listen you have to find common ground. For example, I was in the Roman Forum and the tour guide pointed to an old board game and told us that the Romans used to play games just like us. And when I went to Baalbak in Lebanon, the tour guide showed us a room where Romans used to have orgies and get high on opium.

    You have to grab their attention first by saying something funny or unexpected.

    You have to remember that tourists are here to learn but they also want to be entertained.

    Find fun facts.

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    Make sure you know where you are going, dont get lost, dont take their money, dont allow others to take their money, smile, be friendlly and a nice song and dance goes a long way

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