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Can you explain who do you consider White?

I am just curious. Obviously, there are a lot of white people in Europe and America. But do you also consider people in such countries as in Lebanon, Turkey, and Iran who have light hair and blue/green eyes white too? or not? What if they had siblings with darker skin and brown eyes and black hair?



You have not seen anybody from Turkey, Lebonan, Iran, or Afghanistan with very light skin and blue/green eyes and light hair? Not even a single person from these countries?

Update 2:

I didn't ask about MOST. I asked if you consider those people from those countries with blue/green eyes and light skin White or not?

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    Albinos ... everyone else is a shade of brown from beige to blackish brown ... !

  • Jesse Jackson, Obama, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandella

    These are just a few white individuals.

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    Anglo Saxons are white. The term Caucasian refers to other features such as hair texture and the shape of the nose. It does address skin tone, because you have dark skinned caucasians.

    Hispanics are Caucasians but they are not white. Only Anglo Saxons are white.

    The People of India are considered Caucasians but they have dark skin, dark eyes and hair, they definitely not Anglo Saxons and therefore are not white

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    Whites are all the people of Europe, the Middle East and Mexico.

    If it's just skin color the Chinese people glow in the dark they're so white.

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    This is why race is a hoax.

    At the turn of the 20th century, Irish people were considered to be "non-white", race is a completely subjective concept that is not rooted in reality.

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    Caucasians, although they aren't really white like the color of snow. They are pink-ish. A lot of Italians for example have darker skin and kinky type hair, but they're still classified as 'White'. Same goes for Jews.

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    You Americans are obsessed with skin color. There are almost every type of people in Turkey and nobody gives a crap about it. Get over it

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    Lebanon, Turkey and Iran? No, they are not white.

    There are people here from ALL those countries (especially Iran) and I have never seen one that looked even remotely Caucasian. Sorry. Most look what I would term "Middle Eastern."

    EDIT: Nope, not that I know of. And I went to school with A LOT of different people. People from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, Cuba, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Honduras, India, Turkey, Korea, China, Japan, Laos, Viet Nam... I can keep going if I need to.

    I told you: this area is overrun with illegals and they are not all Hispanic. Not by a long shot.

    And I answered you in my first sentence, dumbass. It says pretty clearly: "No, they are not white."

    People like you are the reason for all of the racial animosity in this country. Who cares if they are considered white or not? Wtf does it matter AT ALL? Is this MORE of your obsession with illegal immigration? Are you going to try to say that if they ARE considered white, it's OK for them to come here illegally? Because it isn't. 10 Russian illegals lived in a 2 bedroom apt below me where I lived a few years ago and I had just as much of a problem with them as I do everybody else who is illegal. And so does everyone who is against illegal immigration.

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    ..."Google" up the area of Europe called Caucasia The origins of Caucasians.

    ...or... take a close look at Pee Wee Herman; it doesn't get any whitter then him !

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    For me it’s generally white people…

    To be more precise, Obama is black. Michael Jackson was white. You are what colour you are. Ethnically they may be different, but just looking at them (which is what were doing here) it’s pretty obvious whose what colour.

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