would it be too weird and awkward?

I met this guy at prom and we just seemed to "click"..!!

My friend used to do him ages ago and now they are strictly friends..

we both had a little alcohol and I forgot to get his no.

I've added him on facebook but he doesn't be on often and hasn't been on to accept..

So I have no way of contacting him..should I ask my friend for his no. or would that be to awkward and weird..??

I'm just afraid of losing him and being to late because it feels like he completes me and makes me feel special...

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    If he makes you feel that special and happy, Id say maybe go for it, because you might not find someone like this again.

    Then again think about the consequences it could have on your relationship with your friend, who do you want more? That special someone spend rest of your life with (risking losing a friend) or having an awesome friend (but maybe not meeting special).

    Also some guys dont go on facebook that often because it holds no interest for them. He might be interested in you and has no way of contacting you and just hasnt thought of FB.

    If it were me id go for it

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    Does your friend mind that you like someone she used to do.. if not just ask her or maybe have her ask him to meet here up with some other friends and party or something and maybe can have a second chance or just wait for him to come on facebook people with facebooks im pretty sure they log on at least every week i would think

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    my friend was this boys "girlfriend" for literally an hour in the eighth grade. three years later me and him started talking and i asked her if it was okay for us to go out, and she was very excited for us, helping me with what i should wear, etc. she got very furious that me and him clicked and were happy together and lasted a long time.

    first thing you need to do is make sure 1138817 % that it is okay for you to date him.

    even then, i advise you not to date him.

    since you won't listen to me,

    if your friend says it's alright for you to date him,

    then ask her for his number.

    don't go to far though,

    to the point where you seem stalkerish.

    a friend request on facebook should be enough.

    wait it out a couple more weeks before you use his phone number.

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    If they're just friends now, and this person is truly your friend, than it should be fine. I mean, it may be a little awkward, but it shouldn't cause any problems.

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    well , it certainly doesnt hurt to ask youre friend , does it ? you dont seem to have many choices . and dont worry whether it looks awkward to you or not . youre out to get him , so use what ever means .. " the end justifies the means ." best of luck .

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    Just ask as a casual convo.

    Just be like oh and BTW do have _________'s number?

    And if she asks why just say you wanted to see what he was up to and if he wanted to hang.

    Just act normal.. Or whatever seems like your normal acting. ;]

    GooD LucK


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    yea ..ask you're friend.

    hey let me get that number of the guy you used to do ages ago.

    dont ever date an ex of your friend.

    EVER. it makes you look bad.

    answer mine? (: pretty pwease <33.


  • 1 decade ago

    that'd be fine

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