How do photographers find models?

Okay, you know those GREAT photographers, but they aren't always professional or known? The ones you find their pictures online everywhere and they usually have DeviantArt? Where do they get their models? They are always seem to be GREAT photographers with GORGEOUS models, I don't see how they do that? Do they search for models in their areas or what?

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    I have found my models by selecting friends of friends. I attend parties and when I see someone who has that "WOW" factor, I ask my friend or ask that person if they would like to do a photo session. Some are really into it an I've had amazing results. If I see someone who is drop dead gorgeous I approach them and say I'm a photographer trying to build a portfolio. I ask for their email address and then send them a link to my photos so they know I'm a "real" photographer. I usually offer a free CD of photos from the session for a first time model.

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    In the Philly area, there are usually a couple of ads on Craigslist with photographers bartering with models so each can build their portfolio.

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    I usually meet models at Strobist meet-ups (organised via Flickr groups) that I go to (which are location shoots with models). You get to know the 'regulars' who are used to working with the group. Once you know a few - you can them network with them (they have friends who model, who have friends who model etc etc).

    I also have an account on Model Mayhem, so if I have a particular shoot I want to do & the models I know are unavailable then I can put out a casting call.

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    A really successful/well know modelling agency?

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    i am a good fotog not a great one, i have people ask me all the time to shoot them, its not my thing so i dont do it, but what im saying is great fotogs dont have to look very far they have models looking for them, they get great by practicing at fotog school or by trail and error with models form sites like model mayhem

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    u probably dont need a PROFESIONAL model, maybe if u hav a really good looking friend or relative u good photograph him or her.

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