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- CONDOM USE ?! {easy 10 points}?

if I'm not on birth control but I use a condom what are my chance of getting pregnant ? && are gas station condoms just as reliable as Trojan ?

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    gas station condoms are as reliable as trojan if they are certified.

    this means that they should have a mark on the back to say they have been checked and have qualified all the requirements for a condom.


    a condoms perfect use is 2%.

    when used correctly, a male condom is about 98 per cent effective. this means that only about 2 in every 100 women would get pregnant in the course of a year.

    however, if not used correctly, the typical use is 10-18%.

    so your only problem would really occur if you don't use the condom properly. i.e. not applied properly, or lubricants such as oils or vaseline are used.

    good luck, and hope i helped.

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    I have heard that the effectiveness rate of condoms is anywhere between 86%-98%, depending on how properly you use the condom.

    It is still advisable that you get on some form of birth control. Cheaper, confidential birth control can be provided by Planned Parenthoods.

    "If you can only use condoms, purchase the ones with spermicide, and also withdraw before you ejaculate." <- This advice was previously given for this question, and essentially it is poor advice. Websites like Scarleteen and also basic high school health classes will tell you that "pulling out" does more harm than good, as your haste can cause slippage, leakage, or breakage. The penis should be withdrawn upon ejaculation, very slowly, holding it at the base so as to assure the condom does not slip off. And Spermicide, when used frequently, can harm the inside of the vagina...

    Condoms are 99% effective which means there is a 1% chance of conceiving.

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    a condoms perfect use is 2%.

    when used correctly, a male condom is about 98 per cent effective. this means that only about 2 in every 100 women would get pregnant in the course of a year.Just make sure you check the dates on them.

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    condoms are 97% effective and actually gas station condoms are probably MORE reliable than trojan.

    trojan is not the greatest condom out there especially when it comes to durability. your better off going with a lifestyles if your looking for protection because they're thicker. trojans have a high breakage rate because they're so thin and thats also what makes them feel much better. so its up to you...


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    your chances are quite slim as long as you use them correctly, if they tear or aren't put on right then your chances of getting pregnant can significantly increase, but if your protected then you should be fine :) condoms are not the best form of contraception though, you may want to think about birth control x

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    Condoms are usually 99.99% reliable, no matter what the brand is.

    Only worry if the condom breaks.

    I'm sure you are fine. Don't worry too much. The more you worry about it, you'll end up with a delayed period.

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    well most good brand condoms such as durex

    and trojan are 98% protective where gas station

    condoms tend to break and aren't as reliable.

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    Condoms are 98 % safe if used correctly

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    99% if used correctly, but accidents can and do happen. I used to just use condoms until one slipped off and I was a week late for my period - I was convinced I was pregnant, but thankfully wasn't. I put myself on birth control too and never had any issues.

    I strongly recommend it. Good luck :-)

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    like a 5% chance that you can get pregnant if you wear it the entire time of intercourse... if not then your chance of conceiving goes up a good 93% I would not buy the vending machine condoms but the off name brands that are sold at walgreens or some place like that are more trust worthy .. at least in my opinion

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