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okkk. so theres this girl!...?

there's this girl i've known fo about 4 years..going on 5.

she's the prettiest person i've seen at our school. ever since we met. like damn. drop dead gorgeous. and im not talking about this being MY taste. you guys would most likely agree she's pretty. well anyways! umm i like her. and we're really good friends. im the type of guy that makes her laugh. yea. entertains her. and so i told one of her friends i liked her. and that friend..went and told her. But she thought i didnt know..she was told. so im acting..like i dont know that she knows. well she knows basically. but doesnt do anything. we might still talk and text. and she'll comment a picture or two. but lets get to the POINT.

i may already seem like a pussy to her for not telling her straight up. so ima talk to her and let her know how i feel. but the thing is...i dont wanna ruin our relationship. so should i tell her like this.

" hey...i like you. and yea you probably already knew. but i just wanted you to make sure..it was the truth coming from me. im not asking you if you like me or not..but i just wanted to clarifiy that with you."

maybe when i say that she'll react to it? if she doesnt do anything. she dont like me that much. if she do. then she likes me. or should i tell her like this?

" hey! i like you..and i was wondering if you liked me too?!?"

hah.? the thing is i dont like getting rejected. but yea. ima tell her no matter what. i mean we're at an age where we're mature enough to tell eachother we like eachother. im not trying to force her to go farther than friends. but you know. just so you know. and we could still be good friends. so tell me what you think?


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    i'd think of sth different

    the first makes you hear like a child flirting another one

    the 2nd sounds awkward

    give it more thought

    wish yoiu luck

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    The risky thing is that a good friendship can be seriously damaged once s/he knows you like him and you know s/he doesn't like you in return. That's from numerous personal experiences as well. You'll both try so hard to keep acting normal that it's gonna be awkward and things that used to come naturally to you, like a hug or clap on the shoulder suddenly wouldn't happen anymore, making it even more awkward.

    That's just a warning. In your case I probably wouldn't tell her like that. I'd make a game out of it, and possibly turn it in a flirty one if her rections are positive. The good thing about making it a joke, is that it's less likely to affect your friendship if her reaction is negative - it won't hang over you friendship like this huge serious conversation of doom that you both desperately are trying to forget. How to do this probably depends on how you and her are, personality wise, and how you guys usually joke around. In the end, the goal should be that she tells you what she heard, and she should start fishing if it's true, instead of you telling her that you know she heard and that it's true. If she's really going to hold back, and be very defensive and negative, I'd probably drop the subject alltogether and never talk about it again. That way your friendship will remain intact. If she reacts in even the slightest way of being interested in the topic, I'd keep the game going.

    Also, this can take more than just a few hours of talk, even stretch over days or weeks. With luck it really will become a flirty topic and who knows, you might win her over in the process. The end result, in any event, should be that the "issue" can be talked about, and never becomes a bad memory in the history of your friendship if she rejects you.

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    Well i read the whole damn thing then i got to the bottom where it could have saved me a good 5 minutes lol anyway on to the answer. I've been in this predicament before but i think the best way to tell her would be "We've been friends for a really long time and I'm sure someone has told you that the feelings i have for you have grown deeper over the years and i want you to know that it is true and i do like you. i don't want to put our friendship in jeopardy or anything but i can't change the way i feel for you and I'm telling you this hoping you feel the same way." she should respond to that.

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    That sounds sort of like something that happened to me two years ago. 'cept I was the girl.

    XD The first answer was kinda funny 'cause it sounded so scared and unsure and just....fake.

    The second was kinda explosive XD

    It doesn't matter if she knows or not. I applaud you wholeheartedly for your determination to tell her-- girls really like courage.

    I think you should put it this way:

    "There's some stuff I wanna tell you. First of all...I like you. I really, really like you-- you're beautiful, cute, and have a great personality. I know I can't change your feelings, but I just wanted to tell you my feelings. But please don't let this ruin our friendship."

    It's very nerve racking to say that type of stuff- I understand. I suppose if you're saying it to her face, it might be okay to say, "Um, can you please listen until I finish saying all of what I wanna say?" Most girls are understanding, though. They will understand the difficulty of your position and your nervousness. Sometimes, rejection occurs- it's inevitable. But they won't be cruel enough to give you big fat slap and tell you NO, **** OFF, YOU ARE THE UGLIEST THING IN THE WORLD and even if they reject you, they'll never hate you!

    Though I am sad to say that love ruins many friendships. As this famous person says, "Friendship often end with love, but love ending with friendship; never." My best friend a couple years ago confessed to me, and after turning him down, we had a big arguement and seldom talked since then. There was another guy who confessed to me, and I told him to please forget about me because I already had a guy I loved. There was a lot of crying, though none by me and all by him.

    But maybe that's just me. I'm not saying you're gonna fail; I'm just putting it out there that failure happens, and if it does, hey- wipe off your tears, climb back up, and walk on!! :)

    Good luck! :)

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    My guy friend who already know likes me just told me he likes me. He just said he had to tell me something randomly in a conversation and then said "i like you" and then i responded "haha i know". And then he asked how and stuff. Just tell her. Tell her how beautiful she is and how great she is. If you feel something why cant you just express it! instead of bottling it up inside. If you feel something let the world know! there so much beauty and color and articulation in this world to not say what you feel! You live once thats it and so everything should be much more beautiful. Im not going say she likes you back but just imagine that releif when you tell her. I wish you the best :)

    try mine


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    " hey...i like you. and yea you probably already knew. but i just wanted you to make sure..it was the truth coming from me. im not asking you if you like me or not..but i just wanted to clarifiy that with you."

    go with that one. girls can feel a little trapped if you ask them if they like you. if she does, she'll tell you after you send her that paragraph above ^

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    okay don't tell her you like her like that because its too straight out you need to build the suspence.

    okay so i think you should tell her in person so be like to her "so how do you like at the moment andsee what she says and if she asks you say well i sort of like you" or something like

    "or start of with i think your amazing or really pretty" something like that dont be too straight out and be cute and nice and make sure its just you too! good luck

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    I'd go with the first one cos it's not demanding a reaction or answer from her and there's less chance for rejection. you'll be doing the grown up thing without pressuring her.

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    since she already know you like her, you should still tell her.. i think it's best if she'll hear it directly from you. Maybe, she's waiting for it.

    BUT don't demand for an answer immediately.. give her time. let her think first:)

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    i think you should say something like:

    i know you know i like you ... and i dont know how you feel on the other end... but you are gorgeous and phenomenal and there is no way i could pass up this chance to tell you how i feel... if your gonna reject me... be gentle if not... get as rough as you like =)

    itll make her smile and get you brownie points for the phenomenal thing.

    and its straight to the point and even if she rejects it shell know to be gentle =)

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