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How do you say "Please return to..." in French?

I want to write in my notebook:

(In case of loss), please return to .....


This book (notebook, planner) is very important to me. Please return quickly!

PLEASE: only native French speakers or fluent - I can Google translate myself. It's not the same.

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    En cas de perte,veuillez restituer [ce bloc-notes] à...[name] promptement s'il vous plaît

    Edit: Allan, I asked the French director of my city's Alliance Française if "en cas de perte" is wrong; he says it's correct.

    Source(s): BA,teacher of French
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  • Anonymous
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    The native French speakers wouldn't translate "word to word" this text.

    They wouldn't say "in case of loss" ("en cas de perte"), but "if you found this book" ("si vous avez trouvé ce livre/carnet")

    And they would add also "Merci d'avance" (Thank you in advance").

    So, the correct translation is:

    "Si vous avez trouvé ce livre, veuillez s'il vous plait (or just "SVP" instead of "s'il vous plait") le retourner (or "le réexpédier") à (.. your name and adress....)

    Ce livre est trés important pour moi.

    Merci d'avance"

    Source(s): Native French speaker from Belgium
  • Ridha
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    1 decade ago

    retour s'il vous plaît à.

    Hope that Helps :D.

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