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Please answer my math problem.?

The length of a big rectangle is thrice the length of the small rectangle.If the 2 rectangles have the same width and the area of the big rectangle is 16cm^2,find the area of the small rectangle.

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    So if we use the variable "x" to represent the length of the small rectangle and "y" to represent the widths (which are equal), and since we know the area of a rectangle is length * width, then you can write two equations:

    3x * y = 16 cm^2

    x * y = A

    Substitute the second equation into the first and you get:

    3A = 16 cm^2

    Solve for A.

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    Here is an easy way of doing it

    x * y = A (equation for small rectangle if x is length and y is width)

    3x * y = 16 (equation for the big rectangle with thrice the length)

    3(x*y) = 16 (since multiplication order doesn't matter)

    x * y = 16/3 (divide by 3, now it looks like the first equation)

    So A = 16/3 = 5.3333333..... cm^2

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    Let the dimensions of the small rectangle be l X b

    Dimensions of the big rectangle = 3l X b

    Area of big rectangle = 3l X b = 16

    l X b = 16/3 = 5.33 cm = area of small rectangle ANSWER

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    pretty sure its 5.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 recurring

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