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would blunt bangs on a teenage girl make me look younger?

and what kind of bangs are good for round/heart shaped faces pics would be appreciated

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    I'm not an expert but I have a roundish face shape and when I had bangs it just make my face more round looking... which wasn't good. If you really want bangs I would go with thin bangs or side bangs.

    and yes they will probably make u look younger

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    typiecally for a round face you would want face framing layers or longer bangs, bc itll help elongate your face, the idea with all hair is to make it look like you have an oval shaped face and this will do so

  • Blunt bangs make anyone look younger.

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    well really i cnt choose for you but a fringe and japenese bangs??? my friend has them and there cute and good with straightened hair ponytalied hair and curled hair orr wat i hav jus complete original side swept bangs :D

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  • Anonymous
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    It depends on her face.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago this one is cute. yeah all bangs make you look younger

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