i know my ex loves me but he wont take me back?

me and my ex of a year and a half broke up because he blew me off to go drink for the second time i might add..so i wasn't having it, after that i totally wanted him back. he keeps telling me he cant do it this time because i hurt him. i flirted with an ex which he found out about and dumped me twice! i took him back BOTH times. now when i do it he says he cant trust the fact i wont flirt with other guys again. its been three weeks and i want him back more than anything! i have tried telling him and ive tried showing him. since we split he has had sex with 4 different girls and still i want him back, he has called me nasty names and has been mean to me, then he wants to be nice and tell me that he has tried everything and he cant get over me. he asked me to go see a movie or get some food with him and i agreed. he said just as friends. we hung out for the past two days and ended up having sex both times. last night i stayed at his house. it was hard to put my emotions aside and i told him that and he said its hard for him too. i can see the way he looks at me hes still in love with me..i just dont get what is going on! please help! and i dont need any smart asses either! thanks!


its so hard to do that ive been trying!

Update 2:

this whole getting over him thing is harder than it seems. and when i finally leave him alone he freaks out and thinks i have found someone else! im like wtf

Update 3:

i have indeed lost myself. i dont know how it got this way but it has. i just dont get how he can do this to me..we were engaged and now its like all that doesnt matter anymore..he says its not easy for him but i just dont know anymore.

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    Find yourself first.

    Looks like you have lost yourself.

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    So he doesn't want you, but he doesn't want you to find someone else. And he leaves you to drink although he knows it bothers you. He wants to be "friends" but he wants sex. You're tempted to flirt with others. He doesn't trust you. He's dumped you, you've dumped him, and all in a little over a year. Wow, no wonder you're confused. I'm confused. You guys are so busy trying to be on both sides of the fence at the same time it's a wonder you can function at all.

    Yes, moving on is difficult. It requires letting go of the known, even if that known wasn't working for you, to be open to the unknown. Here's the thing, though -- while you're hanging on to your past thing that didn't work, you aren't free to grab anything better. No one can move forward well while facing backward.

    You still have feelings for this person, who was part of your life and so is now part of who you are, for good or for ill (usually it's a mix of the two). He will always have a place in your heart. If you move on and figure out who you are and what you really want, you'll be able to remember him with affection. Keep playing out the pattern you two have established, however, and there's a very good chance you will come to hate each other.

    So how do you move on? By moving on. No, I'm not being a "smart ***." That really is how it works. You end the relationship, wish him well, stay away from him (no more booty calls), get out and meet new people, try to figure out what you learned from this last relationship, what you know now that you didn't know before, about yourself, about relationships, about what you want.

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    I Understtand its hard to get over someone you've been with for so long but if its burly been 3 weeks & he had sx with 4 different girls & you while your not together then hes not worth ****. he wants to be free & live his life obviously. dont chase him cause even though its hard for you to realize this right now but theres always someone out there better.

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    1 decade ago

    Get rid of anything you have that reminds you of your Ex, please stop and see that there are other fish in the sea.

    You're just a back-up mattress for him to fall on, move on from him despite your feelings and then you will realize how free you are.

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