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Why would he lead her on if he likes her so much then suddenly he kisses some other girl?

I know I posted this question already but I didn't like thatI kept adding additional details it didn't look very neat.

The character that was 'led on' has hated this guy since they were children at one point they were friends , but she started hating him because when he was 7 he told her she would be his wife one day.She freaked out because he made her feel like she didn't have a say. He has constantly asked her out since they were 13 and both their parents and family know he had a crush on her when they were kids and that he has sincere feeling for her.

He and his ex-girlfriend kissed. She saw this happen but didn't make her presence known and now she's hurt because she had been beginning to realize she might actually have feelings for him,but she feels vulnerable around the guy because he can simply read her like an open book when she lets her walls down. She is afraid of being hurt. She doesn't like feeling vulnerable because she knows she's a strong person.

He's 17 she's 16


Also,This is for a story I'm writing I know it should be under books put I don't want the plot criticized(like you're missing a common or quotation mark here stuff like like) so I put the story under singles and dating lol.


No he still doesn't know she's realizing she has feelings for him.

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    Sometimes play too hard to get or play games too much and guys don't like that....YOu know if the guy likes her since they were kids I think she had plenty of time to stop playing games....I think he did the right thing cause thats a lesson every girl should receive when they play games like that....Like i always say ...when the opportunity presents itself take it cause it may not be there or be the same after..

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    there is no wrong to kiss anyone.

    In cooperate sector cheek kiss is just like a handshake.

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    did he know she liked him? If not then its not his fault. If he did then forget him he doesn't really like her like he says he does.

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