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My friend told me he liked me?

Well ive known for a while that he likes me. He just told me. He didnt ask me out though. Hes really not good looking but i suppose i will go out with him cause i feel more i guess honest. We have similar interests. I can see that i probably led him on. I have weird views on relationships like summer from 500 days of summer and clemetine from the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I am most like them i guess i can say. Is he going to act weird around me now though? I mean i feel the same haha. All i fear are the comments from everyone. I dont care that much what people think it would just be annoying. Just advice and words of encouragment would be nice :)

I technically dont like him back but i sorta kinda do. I am more open to the idea now


hes my friend and i love talking to him. I think i led him by talking to him till 4am......

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    good choice..if you think it's the right thing..good!

    hey may not be good looking. people may look at you saying..what is she doing with him. and let em stare. let em get a good long look at you both. as long as you're happy. and he is too. it will go great.

    i wish you both the best (:

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    You are a very fickle girl and you should leave the poor boy alone and quit messing with his emotions.

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    Your fault for being a tease. Give him what he deserves (yes THAT) and say u want to be friends AFTER you have done that, not before.

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    Get to know him 1st. Just don't make fun of him.... Just be yourself....

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    i see mother theresa here again.

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    1 decade ago

    dont do it,

    someone help with mine please


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