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麻煩翻譯高手幫忙一下 (英文翻譯成中文) 20分


麻煩幫幫忙~ thx~

1.Efforts to promote your future livelihood, school or career goals, productivity and perseverance.

2.You are questioning potential and long term effects of relationships, as well as the way you relate to and care for yourself.

3.Trying to always find solutions in advance, disappointment in yourself, feeling you are not in enough control over situations, unwilling to let others help you.

4.Focuses on coming to terms with something you have been avoiding, family matters, the home. Reconciling differences, coming to mutually beneficial terms

5.Impatience with having to wait, distrust of someone close who you feel is hiding or concealing something. This sense of distrust makes it difficult for you to relax and find peace. There is a sense of constant tension/anxiety.

6.Know that after diligent effort - not struggle, rewards will be gained. Often we feel the need to struggle against the flow of Divine will or to impose our will on situations. This card is a reminder to stay focused on goals, but to allow the higher to lead. Flow with the Divine energy, using your energy to work with it, and you will soon see how much you are gaining.

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    1. 用以提昇你未來的人生樂趣、學業或職業的目標,生產力和持久力的努力。

    2. 你提出質疑對人際關係與你跟自己相處和關心自己上的潛在和長遠影響。

    3. 嘗試不斷預先找尋解決方案,對自己失望,感到你沒有足夠能力對情況掌控,不肯接受讓他人施以援手。

    4. 焦點放在面對你一直以來逃避的一些事情,家人之間的問題,家居。 化解分歧,接受雙方都得益的和解。


    6. 明白到努力不懈-不是艱苦對抗,將會得到獎勵的。很多時候我們覺得需要艱苦來對抗天意(神的旨意),或要強硬的意志來應用付情況。這張咭作出提醒要對目標尊注,但要讓更高層次的來領導。跟著天意(神的旨意)的能量流動,用自己的力量來配合它,這樣你很快便會看到你所增進的多的是。

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    1. 努力促進你的未來生活,學校或職業目標,生產力和毅力

    2. 你是在質疑成效潛力和長期的關係,並涉及到你和照顧你自己

    3. 總是試圖找到一個解決辦法提前他的失望,感覺你是不是足夠的控制了局勢,不願意讓別人幫助你。

    4. 重點來等方面,與一些你一直迴避,家庭事務,家中。調和的分歧,互惠互利的條件來

    5. 不耐煩的等待後,不信任的人接近你覺得誰是隱藏或隱瞞的東西。這種不信任感,使你難以放鬆,找到和平。有意識的恆張力 /焦慮

    6. 要知道,經過勤奮努力 - 而不是鬥爭,將獲得獎勵。我們常常覺得有必要作鬥爭的流動神的意志或意願強加給我們的情況。此卡是一種提醒,專注於目標,但容許較高的領導。神聖的能量流,用你的能量,與它,你很快就會看到你獲得多少

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