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Women: Hypothetical situation...................?

say you were in a hostage situation with, lets say, 10 other people. One of the terrorists says he'll let the other 1 person go for each time you sleep with him, with you being the last to go. the condition is that you have to pretend to enjoy it each time or it doesn't count. What do you do?


in case you're worried about endurance lets say there are many terrorists. and the deal applies with all of them

Update 2:

seriously whats wrong with women. there's only one right answer to this question. the evasion in some of these answers makes my head spin.

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  • Emma
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    Your hypothetical situation seems not as original as you might have assumed.

    In Shakespeare's play, 'Measure for Measure', because he has impregnated

    his fiancee, Juliet, Claudio has been sentenced to death by Angelo, a judge.

    Isabella (Claudio's sister) pleads with Angelo to show mercy toward Claudio.

    Angelo offers to spare Claudio's life if Isabella, a virgin, lets him deflower her.

    Isabella refuses to give herself intimately to Angelo, and she visits Claudio

    to advise him that he should prepare to die soon. Determined to keep living

    at any cost, Claudio entreats Isabella to submit herself to Angelo's lust and

    let him enjoy her in bed, but she refuses, feeling that her honour and reputation

    is worth more than her brother's life. Later it becomes clear that Angelo has

    no intention of keeping his pledge to spare Claudio's life, so Isabella's yielding

    of her virginity to Angelo's lust would have been a sacrifice made in vain.

    With regard to your hypothetical situation, I assume that the terrorist in charge

    has absolute power over the hostages, who cannot go free without his consent.

    What would I do? I don't know how much I would care about the other people

    since I don't know how they are related to me (friends, enemies, or strangers?).

    I would be interested in saving my own life, however, and I would recognise

    that I would be a completely vulnerable woman in that position. Put simply,

    the terrorist would not have to negotiate with me to have sexual intercourse.

    He could rape me as many times as he desires. Given that being raped

    seemed inevitable for me, I would pretend that I was enjoying my rapes in

    the hope that I and the other hostages would get more merciful treatment.

    Would a sexually satisfied terrorist become less likely to kill me?

    Could I be enough of an actress to convince him that I enjoyed my rapes?

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    I would do it if he really let the people go. I would need proof though that they were being let go and not just killed or something. I would have to see them actually being released to be convinced.

  • lala
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    I am good with words and I have some knowledge in psychology ; and I can guaranty you ; I would talk my way out without sleeping with the guy ; plus he would release all the hostages

  • 5 years ago

    I would choose death instead. life at the expense of others dignity is not life. its misery. I would instead kill myself and say goodluck to everybody I left behind. I refuse to live in a world with people who rape. so if I couldn't kill the terrorist I would kill myself rather than spread my legs and risk creating life for a rapist who is akin to bandits from the medieval ages. i would expect the same devotion to dignity from my daughter as well. i would prefer it if she would kill the terrorist, or herself rather than help him reproduce and create MORE life like him. men like that don't deserve sons and they don't deserve air. so i would just fight till i were dead or him i wouldn't spread my legs for anybody but the man i love. their theirs your answer. i would murder or die before i had sex to save somebody else's life. because i refuse to live with such dishonor.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes I'd do it.

  • 1 decade ago

    lol i doubt he would even be able to go a third time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would make sandwiches.

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