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Who's rotation is BETTER Phillies or Yankees?

I say Phillies. Choose a name from the list of who's better in that spot.

1. Roy Halladay/CC Sabathia

2. Cole Hamels/A.J. Burnett

3. Roy Oswalt/Javier Vazquez

4. Joe Blanton/Phil Hughes

5. Kyle Kendrick/Dustin Moseley

My choices are:

1.Roy Halladay

2.Cole Hamels

3.Roy Oswalt

4.Phil Hughes

5.Kyle Kendrick

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  • TSF™
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    10 years ago
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    Yankees' rotation is better currently. Roy Oswalt isn't the pitcher he once was, though still solid.

    1) Roy Halladay

    2) Cole Hamels

    3) Javier Vazquez

    4) Phil Hughes

    5) Kyle Kendrick

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'd have to say it is a tie or slightly to the advantage of the Yankees. I'd go with Halladay over Sabathia, but the Yankees rotation is more built. I'd take Hughes over Oswalt. Obviously because of his long term potential and the fact Oswalt probably won't be a Phillie past 2011 or 2012. But also because he has really come into his own as the great pitcher everyone thought he could be. Like the Phillies, the Yankees have washed out their farm system with a lot of trades in the last few years. Maybe Dominic Brown will be the last saved good. Hamels is good. A so-so 2 or a very good 3. Burnett is more like an overpaid 3-4 pitcher. I'd say Cole has the edge on Burnett. Especially since he is cheaper. What makes the Yankees rotation stronger is the back end. Javier Vazquez particularly is better then Joe Blanton. We really don't know what we are getting with Roy Oswalt in Philadelphia with a lot of pressure in a hitters park. If he is the pitcher he was in Houston, I'd say the Phillies would have the edge over the Yankees. I also thin ka good deal of credit should be given to Kendrick for having a bounce back year. And Moyer too before getting hurt.

    The Phillies were foolish to trade away Lee for 3 mid-level prospects who need re-tooling. It couldn't have been about money either because Blanton was practically due the same salary this season as Lee would have gotten. They could have given up the same prospects for Oswalt too. If Amaro really set his cards up right last year, he could have given up the same package of prospects to get Halladay at the deadline in '09. Amaro didn't though because he was too stingy at the time of giving up Kyle Drabek Jr who he deemed ''untouchable.'' Imagine if the Phillies had Halladay and Lee in the postseason last year? I doubt they would have lost to the Yankees.

    Those two transactions of not acquiring Halladay for Drabek Jr., Taylor and d'Arnaud and trading Lee could have potentially cost the Phillies 1 or 2 more World Series titles. They would have also saved themselves a valuable long term pitcher in JA Happ too. Phillies fans could try to ignore that all they want, but that is what may separate them from the Braves taking over this division and the Phillies not even making the postseason.

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  • 10 years ago

    You can't throw moseley in there. Do the original rotations of each team.

    CC is more dominant then Roy Halladay. He has more wins and has been more clutch this season. The Phillies don't face as many good teams as the Yankees.

    Cole Hamels only because Burnett has been rocky this season. When he does win, he does awesome, but he doesn't always consistently pitch well.

    Roy Oswalt - Vazquez SUCKS

    Phil Hughes has been awesome for the Yankees this season. He has been a huge help in the rotation

    Andy Pettite even know he is on the DL for a little while.

    I think the Yankees are an overall better team.

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  • Mike
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    10 years ago

    First of all, the Yankees REAL rotation is Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Hughes and Vazquez.

    Second, Phillies has the better rotation ON PAPER!

    Third, let's check each teams' rotation:


    Halladay: 13-8, 2.17 ERA

    Hamels: 7-7, 3.56 ERA

    Oswalt: 6-13, 3.53 ERA

    Blanton: 4-6, 5.86 ERA

    Kendrick: 6-4, 4.44 ERA


    Sabathia: 13-5, 3.19 ERA

    Burnett: 9-9, 4.93 ERA

    Pettitte: 11-2, 2.88 ERA

    Hughes: 13-4, 3.96 ERA

    Vazquez: 9-7, 4.61 ERA

    Looks to me like the Yankees have the better rotation as far as stats are concerned, this season. Other than Halladay, the other Phillie starters have average to awful stats and those stats would be alot worse if any of them were pitching in the tough AL East division. Other than Burnett, the Yankees starters have put up very good numbers. Even Vazquez has been decent as the #5 starter with a respectable ERA, though he is better than his stats. I guess he's just not that good in the AL, but he's a dominant pitcher in the NL.

    As far as the choices, here are mine: Halladay, Hamels, Pettitte, Hughes and Vazquez (his experience).

    Source(s): Yankee fan
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The phillies is better.

    Halladay and CC is a push i think. Id take hamels over aj. Oswalt over Vazquez. Hughes Over Blanton. And Kendrick over Moseley. The phillies starting pitching hasn't been bad. They just haven't gotten run support. That is why Hamels record looks so bad. But, he should have at least 3 or 4 more wins if he got at least 2 runs or more. Don't just look the the numbers. Read into the game and see if the guy pitched well and didn't get run support and should have one. Or maybe the guy pitched just ok and got a lot of runs. ERA and a guys record doesn't show all of his potential or how good he is. There are other factors.

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  • John H
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    10 years ago

    The Yankees #3 should be Pettitte and the #5 should be Javier Vasquez but I still take the Phillies top 3 of Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt over the Yankees top 3 of Sabathia, Burnett and Pettitte.

    Those bashing Oswalt wish their team got him. Don't forget the guy is 4-0 with a 3.66 ERA in the post season.

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  • yun
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    3 years ago

    i do no longer think of you fairly comprehend the seen era. .seventy 4, in accordance on your good judgment, is rounded as much as an entire run greater. The Phillies' is greater efficient. you're incorrect approximately that. You of course have no thought regarding the national League. at the same time as the pitchers are not sluggers and in many situations .3 hundred hitters, that would not propose they do no longer count style as a batter. i'm no longer even going to describe it to you. it is a vulnerable argument it is not a sturdy argument the two the place are you getting those possibilities? Your @ss, of course. ok, they play the Braves greater advantageous than the different team. The mets, nats, and marlins continually placed up a combat against the Phillies. They not often ever smash them. And the Yankees play the Orioles too. it is incorrect too. NO. Cliff Lee maximum easily did no longer chosen the Phillies because of the fact he could no longer take the tension. be conscious how he waited for the Phillies to make him an furnish? He chosen the Phillies for 20 million much less because of the fact he did no longer desire to sell his soul to the Yankees. The Phillies are patently a miles greater efficient team than the yankees. If information do no longer instruct how stable a team is, then what does? Like I stated, the pitcher provides greater approach to the interest. yet you're of course too narrowminded to comprehend it.

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  • You acually have the Yankees starters incorrect. Hughes is their 2nd starter which means the matchups are different also the fact that Pettite will be part of the rotation come september i think the matchups would be

    1. Roy/ CC i go with Roy

    2. Hamels vs Hughes Hughes

    3. Oswalt vs Pettite Pettite

    4. Blanton vs AJ Blanton

    5. Kendrick vs Javy i got with Kendrick so acually when truly all of the yankees are healthy they are better than the Phils and it pains me too say it but the Yankees have a good rotation, the Rays are better though

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  • 10 years ago

    The Yankees are trying to play softball this year with a really mediocre rotation. Ironically 3 of the starters they cast off for nothing in the last couple years are having solid years (Kennedy, Olendorf and Karstens) plus Tyler Clippard until he arm fell off from over use was the best middle reliever in the game by far.

    Phils have a solid rotation but Giants and Padres have much better rotations. Tampa also has a good rotation with the potential to be explosively good. Can't count the Cards out, they have a knack for finding pitchers with a good year or two and Westbrook is a vastly underrated pitcher when healthy.

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  • 10 years ago

    On paper paper the Phillies seem to have the better one. With the two Roys at their best you already have a formidable rotation.

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