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Will Alex Rodriguez be a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame ?

I hope so, i pray when he becomes eligible the writers don't screw him over. He arguably might be the greatest Major League Baseball player of all time. His years with texas will never leave people's mind, but he still is one the best.


Ashley it's a shame that you're so beautiful but so stupid. Yes you heard me, he might turn out to be the greatest player to ever play the game thats why I said arguably.

Right now A-Rod has a career average of .303 with 600 HR and 1,793 RBI. I imagine he has about 6 years left in him. Think about what he can do by the time his career is done.

For right now, think about this fact. He is the only player to have ever lead the league in this many categories -

Games played, plate appeareances, at bats, runs, hits, doubles, homeruns, RBI, batting average, slugging, ops, and total bases. He has won 11 awards, including 2 gold gloves and is making a case for another one this year. He is a 13 time all star. Since 1996, he's been one of the most dominating forces in sports. He has a world series under his belt, and is playing on the best team in sports.

He is doing what the greats were doing and even better.

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    Oh you better believe he will be. And a few more World Series titles to that with the Yankees added to it as well....

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    I hope so, I'm really tired of the media questioning him. I know he did steroids, but that was awhile ago and for a few years. Everyone makes mistakes and obviously doing steroids was a mistake. Without steroids he's still one of the greatest to play the game and people shouldn't question it. A-Rod is probably the most dedicated person in baseball and he pays attention to every detail of his game, and doing steroids isn't going to give you 600 home runs. It's his dedication to the game that got him where he is today. So yes I think he should be in the HOF

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    I think he will. He only used roids for 3 years when he was in texas. Once he hit the yankees a new chapter began, and he still did amazing even without the drugs. I don't think people should judge based on a drug use. That is a personal choice and people need to respect other peoples privacy. I also agree with Go Yankees answer.

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    I think most of the following guys are getting into the Hall of Fame because the numbers they put up warrant it. After all we all know if you catch 1 user there are probably 99 other users you didn't catch. I just hope they educate kids who are fans now and in the future to never use steroids or any other PEDs.

    Roger Clemens

    Barry Bonds

    Rafael Palmeiro

    Sammy Sosa

    Manny Ramirez

    Alex Rodriguez

    Besides if the writers don't vote them in the Veterans Committee will probably put them all in.

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    I am a Red Sox fan born and bred. I hate the Yankmees with a passion that borders on neuroses, but I have to say he'll make it in his first year of eligibility. Even if you wipe out every Home Run he has ever hit, you can't deny his fielding skills, he made the All-Star team almost every year. Hitting MLB pitchers is not made any more easy from taking steroids, roids don't give you hand eye coordination. I regret to say he will definitely make the HOF. Unfortunately if you look at his stats you can not make a good case to hold him out, check out this link.


    p.s. Jesus hates Yankmee fans... lol

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    I think he should. There is no doubt the steroids boosted his numbers for the 3 years he was taking them but let's be honest, strength alone does not make you a good baseball player. You can't deny someone who has done what he has in his career the opportunity to go to the HOF in my opinion. While we are at it, Pete Rose should also be voted in as well.

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    Despite him having a good career I think the use of the steroids would halt him.

    And there is no proof of when he did steroids we only know what he has admitted with Texas.

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    Yes bro I hope so. Alex Rodriguez is an incredible player in hes deserves to be in the Hall of Fame he over come the steroids proving that he doesn't need it. Personally I think Arod is the coolest dude in sports right next to LeBron James lol

    Source(s): Yankees Fan and Arod Fan. RIP- George Steinbrenner RIP- Bob Sheppard
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    Without a doubt. The writers, with their love of being holier-than-thou, may deny him for a few years. But in the end, he'll be there. As he fully deserves to be.

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    One of the best? Alex Rodriguez? HA. the best [Babe ruth, hank aaron, mickey mantle, joe dimaggio] didn't take steroids. and THAT'S why a-rod will NEVER be a member of the Baseball hall of fame.

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