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Could these be symptoms of depression? or anything else? Thanks for any help!!?

1. drastic change in sleep schedule (started during school, instead of going to sleep at 10:30/11:00, I went to bed no earlier than 1:30, and woke up at 5:45/6:00......every night)

2. strange eating habits. - would eat a lot one week, then have no appetite the next week, eating much less

3. weight loss/weight gain. I'm 5'4"ish...about a year ago, before all this stuff, I weighed about 110/112 or so. Since then, without sports/exercise/dieting, I've hit 102/103. My weight fluctuates a lot. In one week I can lose 2 or 3 pounds. It just goes back and forth now.

4. I often have trouble breathing...well...I feel like I can't get a "full breath"

5. Sometimes I have trouble remembering what I did just two days ago.

6. I have no interest in things that used to interest me (which makes me feel sad) ...things just like doing things outside/swimming, etc...

7. Sometimes I'll be sarcastic/have an attitude with my family, and then I feel really badly :(

8. I have uncontrollable/disturbing thoughts. I'll think about a family member getting harmed or something, and then I just can't stop.

9. Lately I've been feeling super irritable. The weirdest things just set me off. I keep it to myself because I know it's irrational, but certain things drive me crazy.

10. Self-pity

11. Extreme sensitivity. example..During random movie previews, i'll start tearing up and feel really sad.

12. Urges to cry. This rarely happens, but there have been times where I just break down. There's usually a reason, but it still comes on pretty strong.

13. Constant stress. I'm always stressed about something...even if I don't know what that something is. I don't think I've had a stress free day in ages.

14. Extreme paranoia. I always feel like someone is watching me. I have to have all doors locked, my blinds are closed at night. When I walk into a restaurant, well...any public place...I feel like all eyes are on me and I feel really paranoid.

15. I don't like going to sleep anymore :/ ...I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I've tried tv, no tv, calming music, guided meditation...The other night it took me 4 hours to fall asleep. I was trying the guided meditation method, and during it, I started breathing really heavily/rapidly, then started freaking felt like some kind of attack. It felt like suffocation? that's how I'd describe it. I asked my mom, and she and several of her family members used to suffer from panic/anxiety attacks...

16. During school, my work ethic decreased immensely. I stopped studying, I started homework at 9, or the day it was due, just major procrastination. I just didn't care at all. My grades were still B's/A's in AP/honors classes, but I definitely could have done better.

17. I have a low self-confidence. There are only a few things that I do in life that I feel confident about.

18. "Hopelessness" ... I feel like I won't get into the college I want to get into...I have no idea what career path I want to choose. I just feel like I'll go nowhere =/

19. While I AM happy, I still feel like there is something missing. I constantly have this little feeling deep down that I'm not truly happy. I'll have good days, I love my family, friends, boyfriend more than anything, but still...I feel this constant sense of loneliness. To sum it up, I just haven't felt the same happiness in months that I used to feel.

Any ideas as to what all of these symptoms point to, if anything?

Thanks so much!!

*also, I have a serious lack of energy. randomly. I can sleep in, getting a full 9 hours of sleep or so, but within hours I'm exhausted, falling asleep, getting unexplained headaches..

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    hey there. Andy here.

    First off all, you've really become very aware of all this, and listed your feelings and worries in great detail. Good start, although don't focus too much one them. I think if you are that worried, it does absolutely no harm talking to someone about it.

    Yes, it could be that some of what you're describing is "normal" in...its not related to some disorder or illness. But you have clearly noticed something, patterns, etc...

    The sadness you're feeling, and lack of interest in things, and sleeping issues...they can all be symptoms of depression, yes. Here is a page that explains about "major depression". (Don't get distracted by the ads...): And it's important to go see someone to talk about it. And just so you know...doctors have many many people come to them for these type of complaints.

    When I worked as a psychologist, some doctors told me they got 25-35% of people see them for symptoms of depression or're not alone.

    One thing I noticed: you're mum says that there are others in the family who have panic attacks and anxiety? So maybe there is a little bit of a connection. Doesn't mean you're "doomed" or anything, but it's interesting to note...the symptoms you described, the rapid breathing and "freaking out"...that does sound like some form of panic.

    I write about those things a lot ( ) and there is plenty of help for those symptoms.

    Medication, like the previous respondent said, is not the solution long-term, although it can be helpful if you have to get yourself through a specific situation. If its depression, than a form of cognitive therapy, where you work on how you look at the world and yourself, is at least as good, and without side-effects of medication.

    Go talk to someone about this, look online for more help too, there are plenty of sources...but also...ask yourself: are there things you have done in the past that have picked you up, made you feel better? Make a list of those things, little things even (stroking a pet, reading a speficic book, go to the mirror and smile to yourself...tell yourself that you're a totally ok person (which you are!) etc.)

    And by writing helpful things down, you won't forget them, and you have a list of things you can do when you feel this sadness or anxiety come on.

    Or also: ask yourself; "What would make my life absolutely wonderful, now or in the future" and..."what small steps can I take today to get me closer to that goal?"...

    Good luck!

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    Yes. It is important to get enough exercise around this period of time. Do yoga and meditation to calm down your mind. I've been through the same experience before, so I know what you're talking about. These symptoms usually appear due to school stress. Vitamin B12 supplements are proven to be effective in boosting your mood levels to a much happier state. Hope this helps.

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    i have never had a diagnose of depression, But i think that it doesn't make you do unconscious stuff, i believe u always are there but u are simply depressed, i don`t think it makes you feel like detached little bit from your consciousness. I am experiencing a lot of like doing things without reason, but that is because of nervousness, because i don't have where to put myself. I don't know man, if it really bothers you i would tell this to a specialist. p.s. just want to do a little edit - don`t listen to that guy up there. Dissociative disorder simply means that u dissociate without a reason, and this type is really rare. Dissociation can be experienced because of anxiety and other stuff. But who knows..

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    depression is such a broad term and so over used these days therefore i'm inclined to say no your not depressed even though if you went to see a professional with these symptoms im confident they would put you on some kind of depression medication (I STRONGLY ADMONISH OVER MEDICATING only use these medications if you have no choice). that being said heres my very unprofessional diagnosis you are a typical young to middle age american experiencing typical things for your age (i am inferring your age if you are very young or old please state so).

    as you mature your hormones do wacky things to your body

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    it sounds you are suffering from anxiety neurosis .with paranoia /low self esteem and low self value . you must see a psychologist for possible psychotherapy ,and maybe medications to treat your case .

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    I feel like that too. But I think its just your hormones changing and becoming more adolescent. i think we all do. hang in there.

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    Yes that is depression due to your knowledge overload.

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