Will the Alesis DM6 Electronic Drums Set work on Rock Band 3 (Midi)?

Looking to buy this and want to use it with the midi drum converter on Rockband 3.


Im looking to use http://www.joystiq.com/2010/06/19/rock-band-3-mad-... to convert, wondering if it would work with Alesis DM6 Drum set

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think so. You can get the ion Rocker kit that works with RB3 and then buy the Alesis DM6 module to turn the ion into a regular electronic kit.

  • 5 years ago

    The bundled drum controller is also similar to the one featured in the original Rock Band. It features four rubber drum pads and a kick pedal. The pads have colored rings around the edges that correspond to the notes on-screen. The kick pedal simulates the bass drum, with on-screen notes represented as orange horizontal lines. To use the drum controller, players must strike the pads with the included authentic drum sticks and/or press the kick pedal in time with the scrolling notes on-screen. Drummers can improvise in special "freestyle drum fill" sections of songs, indicated by the columns for each note turning a solid color. Overdrive for drummers can be deployed by hitting the crash cymbal (green note for right-handed configuration) that appears directly after a freestyle drum fill. New improvements include velocity-sensitive drum pads (the force of the drum hits will dictate the in-game volume) with more rebound and less noise, a metal-reinforced kick pedal, expansion plugs for separately-sold cymbals,and wireless capabilities. and I am not positive but I think I remember reading that you would still be able to use the first drum set still, but honestly since the new set comes with the game and it's def going to be more realistic I would go ahead and get it. also I read that there is a set you can get the can actually be used as a real electronic drum set!!

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