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HOw to sync my iphone with a new computer without losing anything?

i'm going to switch my laptop for a new one but my iphone syncs with that old one so i want to know how to, i don't know, maybe extract the backup of my iphone from the itunes and transfer it to the one on the new one so that it will back everything up the way it was with the old one, i can move all the files that were on the iphone from the old to the new laptop easily an re sync it with that, but i would have to reconstruct my library from scratch and that would be very tedious, maybe there's a way to copy just the way the library is ordered and load it with itunes along with the music, videos, etc. but how? and what about the apps? and my contacts and photos, notes and all? will copy and paste everything with winscp work at least for the photos and that? and if i have cydia and winterboard and the such, will they get erased once i resync to the new one? please it's urgent, my old i won't have my old laptop anymore in about 3 days.

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    Auto sync with new computer will erase iphone contents those not purchased from itunes store.

    itunes blocks this function since itunes is the tool with one way to transfer files from itune to iphone. you

    must utilize other tools to achieve that. There're couple of tools for transferring the files between iphone

    and computer (for backup)depends on your demands, e.g transfer only songs/videos, transfer photos etc. You can have a look of below review site, hope it useful.

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  • 5 years ago

    An iphone can be synced with only one iTunes account at a time. once you switched to a new iTunes account or a new computer. You have to authorize your iphone to it at first, then you can upload music and video from iphone to computer. you can refer to this guide that helped me before for how to transfer files from iphone to computer

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    when you connect it you can right click it and click "transfer purchases" and it will prlly just come up too. But with things you didn't buy you will have to make CDs.

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    You have to back up everything on a jump drive or otherwise you will have to manually put everything on your new computer.

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