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What do ATC controlers say to the piolets?

I play a lot of Fsx and I like to be the ATC controler sometimes,but I have no idea how to sound like I know what I am doing but I have no idea what to say.So if there is a website that can help that would be very great.


Sorry I spelled pilots wrong :(

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    Hey buddy so Im 14 I am also a ATC for FSX. What I recommend is going to a pro session ATC and just listen to them. Learn the phonetic alphabet for ATC eg: Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta you probably don't know what that means for an example

    N166S is an aircraft ATC name

    Read it like this November one six six sierra

    NOT saying the letter 'N' its November and 'S' is sierra memorize those Ill post a link.

    Also if there and aircraft like


    You read it United niner zero one

    Memorize the phonetic aplahbet that was the first thing I didint know about when I started. Also learn how to separate aircraft. Try this simulator is free no download... Also in FSX theres an area when you first go on there.. I forgot what its called havent played in some time... Its like insutrustion or something and it teaches you about FSX air taffic control.

    Good luck e-mail me anytime for extra hepl! Im bored this summer have nothing to do...

    Source(s): The ATC siumaltor --------------> The phonetic alpahbet ---------------------------->
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    What are "piolets"?

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