Who is the GM of Yahoo! Answers?

Who runs the Answers business internally at Yahoo!?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is tricky. Each country has its own Yahoo company, but Yahoo Inc in the USA is a major shareholder in each one. Each one runs advertising for its own country. Each has an Answers team (or maybe just one person for the smaller sites) to handle local problems.

    The major technical (programming, networking etc) part of all Yahoo is run from the USA but there are engineers in each country as well.

    Answers design and development is run from the UK&Ireland site. This includes for non-English sites, too, as long as they have a Latin alphabet written left to right, as they just need translating but their functions are identical. Chinese and other different alphabet sites do their own design, because the page layouts have to be different. (Avatars are run from India).

    I don't think they use the "GM" title anywhere. There would be a Vice President who runs several properties, of which Answers would be one. The VPs don't really run the sites, they just "run" the teams that run the sites, and probably mostly control the income and expenditure, not the design and content.

    Source(s): trying to work it out for years.
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