Felony drug conviction?

I am a natural social worker, about graduate and living in the projects. My financial situation is tied to a divorce. Anyway, I am living next door to future clients. I met someone today that has a felony conviction for a drug charge. He was under 18 when he got the charge. He wants to go to college and turn his life around. Most of the careers/majors are going to be hampered by his past felony. I want to know if there is a way (in Louisiana) for him to get the charge on his record lowered to class A misdemeanor etc. so that that he can actually have the opportunity to make a positive life change?


Natural Social Worker: One that would help people better their lives even if not paid for it. I fully understand that the guy should have done this prior to conviction, but like many other things in life there was no info due to his limited resources. The "natural" simply meant that I can't overlook people needing help without trying to lend a hand, as long as they are trying to help themselves. Nice that you go out of your way to attack someone trying to help someone in need.

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    A natural social worker would spot SEVERAL inaccuracies in your question. The most important of which is that the conviction WILL NOT hamper the VAST majority of careers. The second is that the time to negotiate for reduced charges is BEFORE the conviction.

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