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My Shockwave is crashing!?

I use Google Chrome and every few weeks my Adobe Shockwave Flash crashes. As I watch YouTube videos a lot this is quite frustrating. I have to reinstall flash usually two or three times before it'll work. I know there must be a better solution. Anybody have any ideas?

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    * Run Reginout scan for active-x, file associations and other registry erros largely behind such crashes. http://www.filetransit.com/download.php?id=79029

    * Try to uninstall the current flash player version. (Read this official guide to uninstall flash plugin: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html

    * Use official uninstaller tool to remove all flash elements from your computer.

    * After completing the above task download flash player 9 instead of the latest version. However, latest version is preferred. for latest version visit this link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    Sometimes there are intricate browser flash conflicts and changing the versions is often helpful.

    * if you are having problems while installing flash then read this stuff:


    * Update your sound drivers if possible since the videos may simply crash or freeze because of the corrupted or missing drivers.

    1) Open Device Manager

    2) Find the sound-card device

    3) Remember the name of the device

    4) Uninstall it.

    5) After doing this restart your system and update the drivers if they are not automatically updated.

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    Read this article and solve your issue.


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