If the universe is infinite, has everything possible already occurred?

That is, if it's existed for an infinitely long period of time, has an infinite amount of stuff in it, or both.
Update: If it's existed for a finite amount of time and contains a finite amount of staff, what's infinite about it?
Update 2: "If it is limited, then what's behind the edge of it? Nothing, eh?? lol..."

Who said anything about edges? For all I know it could be a Möbius strip.
Update 3: So something can be possible while having a probability of 0?
Update 4: Or something can have some probability without ever happening, even after infinity?
Update 5: Actually I'm arguing that the universe ISN'T infinite, and that if it is everyone who's right that it is was ran over by a herd of albino zebras somewhere, sometime.
Update 6: If 'there is no such thing as "after infinity",' and the universe has existed for an infinite amount of time, how can there be any things?
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