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How slow Should u practice Wing chun forms?

Been Working on siu lim tao and i was just curious if there is a benefit to practicing slow or fast? any experienced wing chun practitioners out there who can answer?

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    Try doing it slowly, in parts. That way you could work on a particular part of the form at different speeds until you master it. Remember, your practicing, so it only makes sense for you to do it slowly until you get the hang of it. Then you can put it all together and try to do it a bit faster. If you try to practice to fast you could end up doing the technique wrong in favor of speed which is not the right way to train. Speed is important, yes, but technique should be priority no.1. So start slow then as you get used to it you can up the speed. Just make sure you fully understand the dynamics of each technique such as the proper application of a pak sao and tan sao etc. When I started practicing Siu Lim Tao, I separated it into two parts and practiced from there.

    - Good luck and Happy Training!

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    It's not how fast you do it at all. In fact you'll get more out of it if you practice it slow and MAKE SURE you're doing ALL of the movements exactly how they are taught. Wing Chun is not very forgiving. You're either doing it very well, or just plain wrong. There's no in between. If you go too fast you'll be practicing wrong, which is very bad. You cannot perfect something, without perfect practice i was told by my instructor, Scott Baker. If you can do it flawless and add speed then by all means do that, but doing it right is always more important than doing it fast.

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    You can. I mean Philip Ng did it. He's a Wing Chun instructor in Chicago who also learned CLF from his father. You can find him on youtube. Maybe even get some suggestions from him if you pm him. I'd suggest learning Wing Chun first because you can actually branch into other martial arts without completely needing to "empty your cup". Learning Wing Chun requires that you have a completely "emptied cup" so if you learn Choy Li Fut first, you may face a bit of trouble with grasping the concepts of Wing Chun.

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    On the Augustine Fong Panther video Wing Chun series Fong Sifu said you should do it 45 minutes a day, which seemed to imply that slow was beneficial.

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    Doing the movements properly by far out weighs the necessity of speed in the first set.

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    I practiced slowly and in front of a large mirror so i could scrutinize my form. My sifu was pretty impressed with my quick progress because of this. GL

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    it should take 10-15 minutes. Yip Man used to take an hour, but that it not necessary for most.

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