Birthday Ideas: What do you get a 1 year old boy?

What do you get a 1 year old boy for his birthday that has all the clothes, toys, etc he needs? Serious answers please - no dbag answers from people who don't have a life!

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    I got my cousins little boy a tonka truck (a rubbery one that I found at Target) and some new sippy cups since Mommy & Daddy were working on getting him off of the bottle, completely! :o) You could purchase a savings bond for him, or give him (/his parents) a gift card to a place like Target or Walmart so they can get whatever he needs (diapers, food, wipes..etc).

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    My friend has a 1 year old son and we just went to his birthday party last Saturday. We got him a large toy truck that makes beeping and rumbling noises, an outfit for fall/winter, and a big floor pillow shaped like a bear that he can play on the floor with or nap on. Other ideas would be a savings bond, picture books, educational DVD's or CD's, gift cards, diapers, sippy cups, toddler plate and bowl and cup and utensil set, bath tub toys, pretend musical instruments, or take him and his mom to the zoo or park one day.

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    for a one year old just buy stuff he really needs. the most the baby will do is maybe play with the cake and wrapping paper if there is a party. other than that he won't be upset to get clothes or diapers instead of toys.

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    I made a book for my son on shutterfly of all his firsts in his 1st year. It turned out adoreable! & we can look back and see the pics of them!

    Also, I got learning dvd's & puzzles - if you don't already have them. I don't really consider them toys, but just an idea!

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  • Try a nice card with cash in it if mom and dad have a trust fund set up? My out of town relatives sent Cash and I just deposited everything into his account.

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    I always think the Fisher Price learning toys are great :]


    Give money & tell them it can be the start to his college fund :]

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    My wife and I have discussed just giving our boy a couple of empty boxes to unwrap. That should provide some entertainment for him and good pictures for the grandparents. He doesn't really need anything and at one year old, he's not going to remember any of it anyway.

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