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On a mac, is there a print function that lets you print a single image on multiple pages for tile printing?

I have an image that I'd like to print out larger from home by just doing a tile style print (sections of the same image across multiple pages). I have tried searching for this function on my mac through both photoshop and pdf but can't find anything.

Right now I just want to print an image across 2 pieces of paper (11x17) and short of physically separating them myself in photoshop, which would be totally annoying the larger I go, i can't seem to find this function anywhere!

Does it even exist? Is there something I can download to do this?



Thanks for the input Nelson, but I'd take a little issue like this over a cruddy macintosh and its 100s of issues any day!

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    10 years ago
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    Print a poster in you printers preference menu. Usually under the page layout tab.

    As you did not state what printer you have I can't be more specif.

    Usually you select page layout or page set up as they vary and then poster printing and select how many pages you want to print it over which in this case is two.

    On my Canon I select: Preferences. Page set up. Poster. Specifics. Divide by 2.

    On my HP I select: Preferences. Advanced. Poster printing. On. 2x2 (I can't have less than 4 on the HP).

    You need to look for something similar.

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  • 10 years ago

    Haha you actually bought a Mac!

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