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Draya asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Has anyone fed their dogs TASTE OF THE WILD brand dog food?

It is supposed to be a all life stage diet, so I can feed my puppy (10 weeks) and my 1.5 yr old dog the same food. Would this be ok dog food?


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The pet supply store gave me a sample of it today to see if they like it. It is only a dollar more per bag than I normally spend. So $$$ is not the issue. But, it would be nice to not have to buy 2 differ dog foods for them.

Update 2:

the puppy is a boxer. older dog is a chi/jackrussell.

Update 3:

So if I feed my pup a low protein food she will not grow as big? or do you mean just not as fast?

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    I have fed my puppy Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream since she was 9 weeks old and never had an issue...

    I feed the fish formula since it has far less protein so maybe you want to look into that...

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    Do not use puppy food past the age of 6 months. Puppy foods have many supplements that can speed up growth and change joints. This makes your dog at higher risk for hip dysplasia and other joint problems. German shepherds are already at risk for hip dysplasia so why try and speed up the growth? I recommend Eukanuba Naturals or Taste Of the Wild ADULT dog food. They have higher protein contents which will help with muscle building.

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    Yes, if it says so. It is high in protein so if your puppy is a large breed, feed him something with a little less.

    The more protein dog food has in it, the more likely it is to have growth spurts. This can hurt the puppy and make him grow too fast, leading to bone/joint problems.

    This is a very good food to feed your dog.

    Your puppy will grow to be normal size he just won't grow as fast, which is a good thing. Don't worry, it won't affect his adult size. (:

    And not a low-protein food, just less protein. BLUE BUFFALO (the same people that make Taste of the Wild) have Large Breed Puppy Food that has a bit lower protein percentage. It is just as excellent as Taste of the Wild.

    Do not listen to Alejandro, he says that for everyone. He is just advertising that vitamin. And actually, if you feed a high enough food then no vitamins are needed. If you do want to feed vitamins then feed one without protein in it because BLUE and Taste of the Wild have enough protein in it already.

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    I feed TOTW the one you have listed and my dogs love it. It is a great product because it is made for all life stages, so yes you can feed it to your puppy and adult dog.

    This formula has more protein in it, if you have a large breed puppy then I would too suggest you look into a formula with less protein. The pacific stream formula of TOTW is often used by owners/breeders of large-giant breed dogs.

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    Sound like a good food but it is never enough. I have a puppy myself and a vet told me that the best thing you can ever do to your puppy or adult dog is to get multi-vitamin supplements. I am currently using Pet Bounce, since my dog is taking Pet Bounce I have seen a great improvement in his energy and he look very healthy. Here is the link to their website. CHECK IT OUT TODAY.

  • LYNN W
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    1 decade ago

    Taste of the Wild is an excellent dog food and it can be fed to a puppy and adult. It is one of the "all life stages" foods out there.

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    My veterinarian- who has me feed TOTW to my adult dogs DID NOT want my puppy on it and SPECIFICALLY told me to get the puppy -puppy food.

    She is not only a veterinarian but a breeder, so has an vested interest in what is best for puppies.

    I have three dogs and I can easily manage two different foods. It is certainly not rocket science.

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    my dog does good on it.it's one of the more affordable brands to feed and it's high quality.

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