I bought a Option Call Call-Netflix Com Inc Aug 110 price, Can I sell it before the 110$ price?

It is at 107$ now, I think I would be making money at this price also, but is there a limitation on the strike price that I bought it? do I have to wait until it reaches to 110$ price?

Thank you

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    9 years ago
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    You can sell your call options at anytime prior to expiration whether or not its strike price is met. If you bought those Aug110Calls out of the money and it is now in profit, you should sell it quick for the profit before time decay steepens and take those profit away. Unless you see NFLX going on much higher than $110 before August expiration.

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    Go to Yahoo finance, enter Netflix, and click on options. as of a couple of minutes ago a 110 Aug call was $3 -- don't know if you would be making money at that or not, but you're getting close to the expiration. IF the stock closes at 110 or better on Aug 20, most brokerage houses will buy the stock in your name and you will be on the hook for the cost.

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