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What was Carol Burnett's 1990s comedy series called?

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    In the 1980s and 1990s, she made several attempts at starting a new variety program. She also appeared briefly on The Carol Burnett Show's The Family sketches spinoff, Mama's Family, as her stormy character, Eunice Higgins. She also played the matriarch in the cult comedy miniseries Fresno, which parodied the night-time soap opera Falcon Crest, co-starring with Dabney Coleman, Charles Grodin, Teri Garr and Gregory Harrison.

    Burnett returned to TV in the mid-1990s as a supporting character on the sitcom Mad About You when she played Theresa Stemple, the mother of main character Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt).

    Burnett has long been a fan of the soap opera All My Children. She realized a dream when Agnes Nixon created the role of Verla Grubbs for her. Burnett suddenly found herself playing the long-lost daughter of Langley Wallingford (Louis Edmonds), and raising hell for her stepmother Phoebe Tyler-Wallingford (Ruth Warrick). She hosted a 25th anniversary special about the show in 1995 and made a brief cameo as Verla Grubbs on the January 5, 2005 episode celebrating the 35th anniversary of the program.

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    She had a short lived comedy series from 1990 to1991 called "Carol and Company". It was like a bunch of little skits with all different characters (not like her other shows where you see the same characters like Mama or Eunice, etc)

    Some of my favorite actors who were on that show were Meagan Fay, Richard Kind, Jeremy Piven and Terry Kiser.

    I still remember the episode with Richard Kind and the dry cleaners - "No Ticket, no laundry" Too Funny!

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