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SankeT. asked in EnvironmentGreen Living · 10 years ago

I want information about "Green and Clean energy sources" !?! Help.?

I want to present a seminar regarding "Art of Science : Green and Clean Energy Sources" related with Electrical Engineering. If u know some websites where I would get information regarding this, plz post the link. Any .ppt or .doc or .pdf will also be appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • J.
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    10 years ago
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    Hydro has impacts downstream as well as upstream, so it is not a perfect solution, and is competing with enviromental groups for acceptability.

    Photovoltaics use numerous metallic materials that are hazardous if mishandled, Cadmium and Nickle are major components, in some cases Selenium, .and then the subtrate that they are put on to can have their own hazardous or non-hazardous materials as well. And they can create a micro climiate where they are used. Sharp, Toshiba, Power Film, Honda and a number others make PV panels.

    Solar steam plants create micro climates beneath the reflectors. There may be some links for a global construction contractor.

    Wind has a lot of impact visually, audibly and in their construction as well. Small wind manufacturers such as Airex, Pac Wind, Southwest Windpower, Winco, Wincharger, and Aermotor are some of them. Big wind, you have Vestas, and a few others.

    Nothing is truly "no-impact," the "savings" these technologies create is not without costs in human and environmental terms, but they do reduce the use of other fuel sources for energy production. Ultimately they can produce more energy than they consumed in their life cycle and can ultimately be recycled as well.

    As for sources of information, there are multitudes. One thing you can do is contact the manufacturers of the various products, There are many, and you would be expected to be able to present a list of them to attendees and sponsors as well. Other sources as well are the American Wind Energy Association, Department of Energy, Sandia, There are several European and Canadian agencies with good publications as well and links to manufacturers and organizations that collaborated with them on research.

    There are many new technologies in end use and production as well. Cree manufactures LED lighting modules used by other manufacturers as well, Lumex is another. There are numerous power generation dynamos/generators, motors, motion control and power supply manufacturers utilizing new technologies from Texas Instruments, Fairchild, ON semiconductors, Zetex, MagnaTek, etc, To get list of some of these manufacturers take a look at the "Line Card" of manufacturers that Digikey carries.

    There are ceramics finding myriads of uses, Owens Corning is one of the largest. They also make foam and fiberglass insulation. Reflectix makes radaint barrier products, there are others as well. If you narrow your focus, you can find many manufacturers names and websites by simply walking through a large home center and seeing the materials up close, many have the corporate website information on the product itself even.

    At what point is something NOT green? Once you decide that, it helps narrow the feild because many green technologies actually have very hazardous compounds or characteristics in and of themselves. Eurethane foams for example are often compared to solid gasoline due to their flamability, yet are among the best and most versatile insulation products. Eurethane uses an IsoCyanate compound in it's catalyst typically. When burned it releases Cyanide gas and other compounds. There are some Soy based foams out there with similar potential and less toxicity.

    Many of these items are aspects of energy production as well.

    One site with a good bibliography and numerous links is

    There is also ethanol and soy diesel, hydrogen, Compressed natural or manufactured gas, and electric for motor vehicles. Ethanol has a high water consumption rate per gallon with most technologies. ADM and Genral Motors and some cooperatives are the big players in Ethanol, and to some extent Soy fuel technologies. There are the organization for Soy Producers.

    Many of these will yield corporate or organization links when done as a web search.

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  • Peter
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    10 years ago


    See link

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