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Please help me with my East Timor history?

I'm writing an essay on the legitimacy of Indonesia's incorporation of Timor Leste, and I'm assessing the pros & cons of Timor Leste's independence. For a negative, I'm talking about how it's basically half an island; without Indonesia it was not economically viable and had poor education, infrastructure etc.

But this is all subjectivity at the moment, I need some real facts & statistics from before 1975. Can anyone please help? And give sources please?! Thank you.

Any other useful information, if you are a buff on the subject, would be GREATLY appreciated! x


Thank you so much Roy, that helps :) I'd already read a lot of Noam Chomsky but hadn't seen that yet. Thanks x

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    Yeah check out what Noam Chomsky has to say on the subject. (1st source)

    Learn how to use search engines for help here & with all other questions (2nd source)

    See what Amy Goodman has to say about it in 1991 (3rd source)

    It's a really depressing subject, because the USA sided with thugs & murderers.

    It's another in a long list of war crimes Henry Kissinger should be indicted for (last source)

    In the 1950s, we are also involved in covert operations, overthrowing the governments of Iran and Guatemala. And almost as soon as we get involved in Vietnam, we are sending military troops into the Dominican Republic. In that period, we are also giving enormous amounts of aid to the government of Indonesia, helping the dictator Suharto carry on an internal war against the opposition, in the course of which several hundred thousand people are killed. Then the U.S. government, starting in 1975, provides critical support to Indonesia's brutal campaign to subdue the people of EAST TIMOR, in which hundreds of thousands of people are killed. HOWARD ZINN

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    Timor used to be at the start populated as side of the human migrations that experience formed Australasia extra in general. It is assumed that descendants from no less than 3 waves of migration nonetheless are living within the nation. The first have been involving the primary indigenous businesses of New Guinea and Australia, and arrived earlier than forty,000 years in the past. Around 3000 BC, a moment migration introduced Austronesians, who later persisted eastward and colonized Island Oceania, and are probably related to the progress of agriculture on Timor. Finally, proto-Malays arrived from south China and north Indochina.[two][three] The mountainous nature of the nation supposed that those businesses would stay separate, and explains why there's such a lot linguistic range in East Timor in these days. Timor used to be integrated into Chinese and Indian buying and selling networks of the fourteenth century as an exporter of fragrant sandalwood, slaves, honey and wax. Early European explorers record that the island had a quantity of small chiefdoms or princedoms within the early 16th century. One of probably the most gigantic is the Wehale kingdom in vital Timor, with its capital at Laran, West Timor, to which the Tetum, Bunaq and Kemak ethnic businesses have been aligned

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