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two hours later和after two hour

two hours later和after two hour有什麼不同,那跟He will wash the dishes in two hours.的in two hours有什麼不同?

那為什麼不能用two hours later和after two hour?

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    通常 two hours later, 是用在敘述過去發生的事情時, 如說故事或自己的事, 是指 '兩小時後', 且通常之前已有敘述另一件事, 是在那另一件事之後的兩小時後.

    in two hours 就是 after two hours, 但正確的英文是不用after two hours 的.

    例如, 某人要你去做一件事, 但你現在很忙, 你可說, ' I can help you in two hours but not now.' in two hours 是表示從現在開始的 兩小時後, after two hours 字面上是可知它的意思, 但真正你要說(從現在開始的) 兩個兩個小時後, 在英文要用 in two hours.

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    002 的答案是正確的,

    two hours later 和 after two hours 是一樣的

    兩小時後( 不須要從現在開始算, 也可用在過去式)

    in two hours 兩小時之內

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    I will be doing it in 2 hours,

    2 hours later, he did it.

    I will be there in 2 hours,

    2 hours later, he was there.

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    so you got it mate? its simple isnt?

    okay I will be going in a minute, see you mate

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    ( one minute later, Henry left here )

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    你好~~ ^____^

    two hours later 和 after two hour 都是2小時之後的意思

    in two hours 是兩小時之內的意思.

    所以如果是 He will wash the dishes "two hours later".

    He will wash the dishes "after two hour".


    如果是 He will wash the dishes "in two hours".



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