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Install License Server 請幫我翻譯

1. Install License Server

2. Copy tekla.lic to license server install folder

2a. (optional) Open tekla.lic and customize license server port by adding a port to the first line (change SERVER this_host ANY to SERVER this_host ANY 5555 to run license server on port 5555)

3. Run license server (read docs on running FlexLM license server).

4. Install selected version of Tekla Structures (x32 or x64) by using appropriate installer.

5. Install at least one Environment from the Environment folder

6. Copy patcher for installed version of Structures (x32 or x64) to installdir\16.0\nt\bin (e.g. c:\program files\tekla structures\16.0\nt\bin)

7. Run patcher.

8. Enjoy!

NOTE: License server must be running for app to function.

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    1. 安裝執照服務器

    2. 准許服務器的拷貝tekla.lic安裝文件夾

    2a. (任意)開放tekla.lic和通过增加口岸定做執照服务器端口到第一條線(變動其中任一服務器this_host對服務器this_host任何5555對在口岸5555)的跑的執照服務器

    3. 跑執照服務器(在跑FlexLM執照服務器的讀的docs)。

    4. 安裝Tekla結構的選擇的版本(x32或x64)通過使用適當的安置者。

    5. 安裝從環境文件夾的至少一個環境

    6. 複製結構的安裝的版本的patcher (x32或x64)對installdir \ 1

    6.0 \ nt \容器(即c:\program files\tekla結構\ 16.0 \ nt \容器)

    7. 跑patcher。

    8. 享用!

    注: 執照服務器一定运行為了app能起作用。

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