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Is it true there is a Disneyland jail?

I heard there is a jail in Disneyland for people caught there. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Anaheim PD has two stations there. One behind Main Street on the south side and one behind The House of Blues. People get arrested there daily, mostly for shoplifting. They also have undercover police officers in the park, which I have talked to personally when I worked there.

    If you have ever driven down Disneyland Drive and see a police car just sitting there in one of the turn outs, that is where the police station behind House of Blues is. There is a security check point there that leads to the underground loading docks as well as the police station. It's a big area, almost like an underground city.

    Source(s): Former Disneyland Cast Member.
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    Well, when I was 12 I got arrested for hopping on the trolley car at Disneyland. ( At this time you used ticket for each ride, we didn't use one) In any case I got arrested by the Bobby cop at that time and taken out back behind a building and told not to do it again. So I didn't see a Jail but it doesn't mean there isn't one. :O)

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    There is a jail but it really isn't a jail. It is like a holding cell. They keep people there until the police come and get them then they go to jail depending on how bad the " crime " was.

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    There isn't an actual jail with a cell and prison bars. But If someone were to get arrested, they would take you into the security office and probably keep you in there so they could talk to you and you would have to wait for someone in your family to come and get you.

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    I do not believe so because I have had a friend get arrested there and he didn't speak of a jail. He might have gone but it seems that that would have been something he would have talked about.

    I know that theres a basketball court in the Matterhorn Mt ride.

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    i heard that but i believe so there is, there should b 1 b/c of the little kids tat arent behaving good hahaha j/k i tink it mayb there just in case there r su ppl who are doin harm towards others >_< disneyland goers pay a lot of money, the place should make it a safe place 2

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    They do have a "jail" where if people misbehave they will be taken there for a short period of time, depending on what you did.

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    Of course but they don't keep the people there. They just wait till their family or something comes and picks them up.

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    Yes, that's where they put midgets and lost children so they can have characters for Small World.

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    There is a jail in Toon Town. :]

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