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Vince Neil killed a guy, is Mel Gibson lower than him? Or not that bad?

Vince Neil bought his way out of after killing Razzel and seriously injuring an old couple out drunk driving. But it's not like he participated in a drunken rant with a cop or his girlfriend and made racially insensitive comments.

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    they both screwed up. mel gibson not near as bad though! i don't see why mel gibson is being roasted like he is though. people talk like him all the time. just because he got caught. if you remember, vince neil went before the judge, sincerely apologized, agreed to restitution and that was it. it was forgotten. it all happened real quick too. nothing more was said.

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  • comparison, Vince is rather [extremely] worse.

    Especially since he just got cited for another DUI a month or so ago..

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    Well, I think I'd rather have someone call me a racial slur than kill me.

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