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help in the exercise can not resolve ?

9. Un ball of 0.2 kg mass is released vertcal

mind down, with initial speed of 4 nvs. The

boja hits the ground and, in turn, reaches a height

maximum is identical to the time of launch.

What is the energy lost during the move?

a) OJ

b) 1600J

c) 1.6 J

d) 800J

e) 50J

10. The Taipu Plant is capable of generating a maximum power of 12 600 MW (megawatt). Assuming that there is absolutely losses and all the water that falls will generate electricity, which should be the volume of water in cubic meters, which should strain es at a time, suffering a drop of 110 m, to produce that power?

g = 9.8 m / s

a) 1.17 x 10 b) 1.20 x10 c) 4.21 x10

d) and 4.19 x 108 m) 7.01 X 108 m

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    Have the questions rewritten by somebody who knows English. You don't and your questions are not understandable.

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