Utorrent speed spikes... unbelievable. what gives?

ok ok, i have been using bittorrent and utorrent for a few years now and with most torrents i download the average speed is around 100 kb/s. now yesterday all outa the blue... my speeds are spiking upon opening of bittorrent/utorrent to 500-600kb/s and then quick falling to 0kb/s and back up to around 100kb/s and back down again to 0 every few mins. a torrent which would have normally taken 1hr to download is now taking 4-5.

whats up with this?? i have done some serious reading online and none of the answers have been of any help. im not a tech god but i think that i have the ability to solve this with a little help.

(port forwarded properly btw)


jordan, im not sure that is it at all because it is only upon opening that my speeds reach 500+kb/s and not at all after that. if that were true it would sometimes spike that high again instead of never.

Update 2:

and its not like i sit at 100kb/s now at all, b4 i did but now its from 0kbs to 100 and back down again every few mins. massive spikes to extreme lows all within minutes over and over

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    It sounds like your IPS is Throttling your bandwidth. Open Utorrent's options and go to the Bitorrent category on the left. Select "forced" under the Protocol Encryption and do not allow incoming legacy. This should settle tour Bandwidth down and stop it from jumping around. At first your dl speeds may be a little slow but they will pick up.

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    It seems likely that those brief spikes are when you connect to a seeder with a high upload rate. They send you a chunk very quickly -- probably only a few seconds -- and then disconnect, preferring to spread the file around (this keeps the bittorrent network healthy, even if people disconnect / remove torrents / remove files).

    Be pleased with 100KB/s; that's relatively high in most cases.

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    can anyone tell what is the right answer for this question?

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