How to redo a 13 year old girl's room? I have a small room and I want to make it look great!?

Ok, so my room is like really small. Im talking like 10' by 8'. I have to fit a twin sized bed, bookshelf, desk, dresser, and a little nightstand thingy. What colors should I paint it? I was thinking like one wall light purple and the other 3 light blue. Do those colors sound good? Also, my bed is really high up and im tired of falling out of it every night. My parents can't afford to buy me a bigger bed, so I was thinking of just putting the mattress on the floor. Is that ok? Any suggestions on decorating or anything would be great! Thank You!

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    im in the exact situation. well the wall paint shul db one of ur fav colourzz(if its nota dark color). it wuld also b good that tha paint kynd of matches ur furnitur. itd b wierd having orange furnitur/comfortr wit green walls ykno? putting the mattress on the floor can look really good, but it could also look bad. if u hav lots of pillows and ur bed has 2 sidez against the wall, then totally go for it. decoration wise, idk. that dependz on what u like. theres plenty of stores that u could get decorations n stuff frum so thats kind of the easy part. just pick stuff that reflects u and make sure its not so insane u wont be able to find it in a store! walmart and target would be great places to find stuff thats inexpensiv. and u can also find creativ ways to decorate ur room with "recyclables". imagination and budget is key:) hope that kynda helps

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    I don't think the blue and purple are very complimentary to each other. Yes, use light colours but you can add in your own darker colours if there's something you like. I recommend working with a white background and adding your colour over the top.

    Colours from your bed spread, lamp thingy and dresser can be picked up and used on the walls to keep things uniform. E.g. something that a lot of clients like and I keep repeating myself about is framing pictures on your wall with a colour.

    This is done by centering 1 or more of your pictures on a wall, get it level and using a straight ruler mark out about 15cm from the edge of the frame all around the picture. Draw in pencil and connect what you've marked out, creating a square slightly bigger that the picture. Remove the picture and use low tack painters tape and tape around the square, make sure the edges are stuck down properly. Pick blue or purple or what ever colour will look good in your room and paint 2 coats inside the taped square. Remove the tape and after it's dry, hang your pic back on the wall, leaving the colour boarder around your picture.

    Do this on maybe to opposite walls with one colour and perhaps another complimentary colour on the other two opposite walls. Including the colours you pick, you could add to this by getting a paper boarder to stick on the wall around the chair rail (bout a meter up the wall) all around the room, with your painted picture boarders, same colour on your bed cover, lamp and so on, and on a white back ground.... you get to include the colours you like on a white background without making the room seem smaller and it does look very good.

    It's always hard to describe... I think a pic would give you a better idea but I've yet to add them to my gallery on my site.

    Good luck!!

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    if your room is really small, make sure you paint it will light colors. darker shades tend to make rooms feel like looks really cramped. if you want to have the wall's different colors i'd have like one "statement wall" that was a nice color, and make the other 3 and the ceiling a white or cream color. for some ideas on decorations look on PB Teen, not necessarily to buy stuff since it's so expensive, but just to look at how it's laid out!

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